September 21, 2009 - Downsizing Survival Tips. Parting with Those “Maybe I’m Going to Use it Someday” Items.

Kitchen downscaling can be very difficult for people who have done a lot of cooking and baking over the years. The Glenwood-size kitchen nicely accommodates your daily items and food, plus some commonly used items. A good way to start sorting is to sort your kitchen table dishes, glasses, mugs and silverware for 4-6 people plus pans and utensils used often. Then add items you use frequently like muffin tines, cookie sheets and mixing bowls. Avoid large trays and platters.


The common saying is true! If you haven’t worn it or seen it in a year – say goodbye to it. With the exception of formal wear your downscaled wardrobe should include clothing, shoes and outerwear that you like, you wear often, feel good in and fits you.


Clean out those bathroom closets and medicine cabinets. Often times people accumulate large quantities of medicines and toiletries they never use. Glenwood-size bathrooms call for only daily use personal items and medicines.

Memorabilia & Collections

Attics and basements provide a safe harbor for sentimental and special personal items. Even if they are rarely seen, parting with memorabilia is especially difficult. Choose some things that you will enjoy and are particularly meaningful to you and pass the other items on to a trusted
family member or friend.


Books seem to multiply on the shelves! When most people move they are surprised by how many books they have. Needless to say you will want to keep books that you enjoy and are useful to you, but eliminate the rest of your collection. The library at Glenwood will review unwanted books and accept suitable donations.

Unfinished Projects

“Maybe I’ll finish this again one day…” does this sound familiar?

A knitting box with twenty-year-old yarn and a half-made sweater, a dusty tackle box and fishing pole with a price tag on them. No matter what you paid for something a long time ago, unless that project makes you excited enough to delve back into it, get rid of it.

Your Glenwood lifestyle will enable you to become involve in so many new and interesting ventures that it will become unlikely that you will be interested again in old projects.

For more downsizing survival tips, please call Debbie Brown at (740) 376-0535.

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