September 21, 2009 - Rightsizing at Glenwood Retirement Community

There is a reason why Glenwood Retirement Community is the perfect fit.
Here is Nancy Wymond’s story.

She has been a part of Glenwood’s history since the beginning. As a board member for the Glenwood Retirement Community for the past 10 years, she was a part of the grass roots campaign to create a retirement community for active and independent seniors by partnering with Marietta Memorial Hospital.

Nancy was well aware of the many services and amenities that Glenwood offers to its residents, but never truly understood the Glenwood lifestyle until she became a member of it. While Nancy’s husband, Louis, was in the hospital after being diagnosed with bronchitis, she realized how much extra work it took to maintain their home while he was away. Nancy, who had recently come home from the hospital herself, also came home with a changed perspective. Once Louis returned back home, they both agreed that it would be the right choice to sell their home and “rightsize” to The Gardens at Glenwood Retirement Community, leaving the stresses that come with owning a home behind them and instead enjoying a carefree lifestyle.

“Glenwood allowed us to get on with our life, giving us a sense of freedom with no worries and providing an essential support system,”
says Nancy. Shortly after moving into the comforts of independent living at Glenwood, Louis unexpectedly passed away. “I was so grateful to be here at Glenwood and be able to lean on others following my husband’s death, it was a true sense of community and family.”

Nearing six months since Louis’s death, Nancy is able to keep herself active, enjoying Glenwood’s many social activities with a something for everyone philosophy. She is even able to enjoy time with one of her best friends Jake, her dog,who always keeps her lively.

Prior to making the decision to move to Glenwood, Nancy and Louis visited a variety of retirement facilities in the area. “Glenwood was less expansive, even with all the amenities they included. There was no other retirement community we could compare,” notes Nancy.

“I am thrilled to be here. The staff is great and the atmosphere is filled with good energy,” says Nancy. “There’s nowhere else I would rather be.”

Happiness is affordable at Glenwood. With all the inclusive services available – flexible meal plan, housekeeping, laundry service, utilities, interior maintenance including appliances, 24 hour call and response, exterior maintenance of building and grounds, cultural, educational and social events/activities, Wellness Center, library, greenhouse, walking trails, putting on the green…and the list goes on!

Just when you think you can’t afford Glenwood, think again! Call Debbie Brown at (740) 376-0535 or (800) 464-0161 or visit today!

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