January 24, 2007 - Marietta Memorial Health Screenings Identify Health Risk

By Stephanie Johnson
Pam Bowes used baby oil when she was younger to help get that summer tan. The darker the better. No one knew how much damage the sun could do, let alone that it could cause cancer.

“I have counted over 100 moles on my body,” said Bowes, 46, of Marietta. “I knew I should have them looked at but my medical insurance isn’t that great so I didn’t make it a priority.”

Until she heard about a Skin Cancer screening being offered by Marietta Memorial Hospital at their Belpre Medical Campus.

“I knew MMH offered screenings in the past, but I was never able to attend because of the hours they were offered,” said Bowes. “This one was offered in the evening and fit into my schedule really well.”

Although the physician didn’t see anything suspicious when looking at Bowes’ moles, she did receive a diagram of her body where they marked the locations of her moles so that she could continue to keep a watchful eye in case others appeared.

“Participating in health screenings is definitely something I will take advantage of again. It saved me so much time from having to go to my physician,” said Bowes.

Marietta Memorial Hospital offers screenings because they can be vitally important to a person’s health and peace of mind. Screenings can help evaluate the possibility that you show no signs or what your risk level is for specific health problems. They can also help identify potential hidden signs of disease. However, as always, they should not be a substitute for a visit to your doctor or asking their advice on your specific health needs.

“We generally offer several health screenings throughout the year that are either free or at a low, discounted rate,” said Cindy Hart, Outreach Services Specialist at Marietta Memorial Hospital. “We always have a good response from community members who want to take advantage of the screenings.”

John Pifer had an EKG screening that was offered by MMH for free.

“I tend to have high blood pressure so I try to stay on top of it as much as I can,” said Pifer, 39, of Marietta. “I did have an EKG show something abnormal but when my physician looked at it, it ended up not being something I needed to be concerned about.”

Pifer said he would continue to have an EKG screening done on a regular basis because it just makes sense.

“I feel I am doing the right things to try to make myself as healthy as possible,” he said. “The results are sent to my physician so if there is a concern I am sure she will contact me.”

Marietta Memorial Hospital offers free health screenings and vision and hearing screenings on a monthly basis for 55 Plus members. They also offer cholesterol screenings, skin cancer screenings, prostate screenings, EKG screenings, and bladder cancer screenings periodically for all community members.

“If we have a screening coming up we generally put an ad in the local newspapers,” said Hart. “And we always have the information on our website at under Events and Classes. It is important to call and set up an appointment because the screenings fill up quickly.”

To learn more, call Cindy Hart at 374-1634.

Posted: 2007-01-24
CONTACT: Jennifer Offenberger,
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