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Fitness Made Easy

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Fitness Made Easy

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Exercise can be done at any time, any place. Let’s get started with a no excuses exercise plan.
For a quick aerobic boost during your TV time, grab a kitchen chair or hang onto your kitchen counter. A good time to do these exercises is during commercials.

For your outer thighs:

·         Alternate leg lifts side to side. Try to keep your torso upright in center alignment and keep your tummy tight.    

·         Control the movement.

To help strengthen quadriceps to assist weak knees:

In the same position you can also do knee lifts by turning to the side and lifting knee to hip level, ankle straight down from knee and lowering back to the floor.

To give your fanny a lift:

·         Facing the back of your chair and bending from the knee curling the heel as close to the bottom as you can and keeping your foot flexed then lowering.

 To work all the lower muscles and incorporate balance:

·         A more advanced exercise can be performed by sitting in your sturdy chair and placing your feet several inches away from the chair base, ankles should be directly below knees, feet parallel and stand without using your hands for assistance.

·         Repeat 10x, rest with progression add more sets.

By using hand weights or just grabbing cans of food you can tone and strengthen. Again, sit up tall in your sturdy kitchen chair, do not let your back rest on the seat back (this adds the core strengthening component), ankles straight down from knees, knees straight out from hips, feet parallel.

 For your biceps:

·         With weights or cans in your hands contract your biceps upward from a straight downward position, palms facing forward. Raise and lower the weights as many times with control as you can during each commercial.

·         Don't swing your arms.

For your triceps:

·         Lean slightly forward with torso angling over thighs, press your elbows beyond the level of your back, squeeze your elbows toward each other, now extend your arms back to a straight position, then bend the elbow to return the weight toward your shoulders. 

·         Don't drop your elbows and don't swing the weights or cans.

For your shoulders:

·         Raise your arms straight out to the sides to shoulder height while holding the weights then lower straight arms back down to sides.
 For your core:

·         Simply learning to contract and release your abdominal muscles during red lights, commercials or even while brushing your teeth will make improvements to your tummy and back.

Remember, there should be no excuses when it come to getting active and improving your lifestyle.  Every little bit makes a difference and having a positive outlook can accomplish great things.

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