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Geriatric Psychiatric Services
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Our Program
Selby General Hospital's Intensive Outpatient Program is for older adults 50+ that are having difficulty dealing with psychiatric symptoms that significantly impair their social, occupational, or other areas of functioning.  The program provides the support structure and therapeutic expertise needed to assist patients in stabilizing their condition and to achieve a more adequate level of functioning.  The program offers an effective way to treat the symptoms without hospitalization.

Patients attend the intensive outpatient program for three hours a day, three to five days a week, depending on the need(s) of the individual.  Some of the services provided are:
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Group and Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family Meetings
  • Medication Education and Treatment
  • Stress and Anger Management

For more information or to make a referral please call (740) 568-2232.  Transportation is available to the program, please call for more details.