Job Shadowing

We offer the opportunity for students to have job shadowing experiences. Our job shadowing program includes a short term, unpaid career exploration opportunity where a student is able to observe a professional and ask questions about their career.


Only scheduled clinical students are permitted in:

  • The Women & Newborn Unit (3 West)
  • Emergency Department
  • Operating Room
  • Pharmacy

Who can participate?

  • Due to patient safety and privacy rights, we are unable to accept students under 15 years old.
  • Students who are 15 years old are only permitted in non-clinical areas.
  • Student 16 and older are permitted in clinical and non-clinical areas.

What will I learn?

Our job shadowing opportunity helps foster an awareness of the skills required for a specific healthcare career. This is an observation only experience in select departments within Memorial Health System, based on availability. Participants will have the opportunity to observe and interact with a healthcare worker as they go about their daily activities. Hands-on patient care isn’t part of the experience and is not be permitted.

How to Apply

To request a job shadowing opportunity with us, contact Ashley Fought, Student Coordinator, at