Dinh Vu, MD

Primary Care
Marietta Health Care Physicians, Inc.
802 Wayne Street, Suite 200
Marietta, OH 45750
283 Ratings, 37 Comments
On Jun 15, 2018 Anonymous said:

If you are looking for a kind, empathetic doctor, Dr. Vu is a good choice! I am happy to be establishing a relationship with him as my primary provider. Would say the same about Claire Petty who works in the same office. Very nice people to deal with.

On Jun 9, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. Vu is caring and knowledgeable

On Jun 11, 2018 Anonymous said: seemed respectful and knowledgeable.

On May 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. Vu was easy to talk to and I believe a very good doctor; this review is based on my first visit with Dr. Vu to get established as a patient of his.

On May 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

The visit was great other than we should have had a follow-up appointment scheduled for my husband and I.

On Feb 27, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very friendly, caring

On Feb 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

The receptionist and LPN at the office were not very nice. They seemed annoyed to help me, and the other patient who was there. I think they were more concerned with chatting to each other. On the bright side, Dr. Vu was very nice and I was happy with my visit with him.

On Jan 25, 2018 Anonymous said:

Willing to take me in immediately that am since I was so sick.

On Dec 15, 2017 Anonymous said:

Attentive, easy to talk to about concerns

On Dec 9, 2017 Anonymous said:

Absolutely no wait to see the doctor. He is genuinely concerned and adamant in his directions.

On Nov 29, 2017 Anonymous said:

I was impressed with there policy of calling for a next day appointment if you are ill.

On May 16, 2018 Anonymous said:

Good friendly Dr office can’t say enough positive stuff about the visit.If looking for a new dr would highly recommend these guys they know there stuff!

On Nov 4, 2017 Anonymous said:

I like everyone at Selby family care

On Sep 1, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Vu genuinely seems to care about the problems I am having and wants to help me find out what's going on.

On Aug 31, 2017 Anonymous said:

This was my first visit to him and I think I will like him.

On Aug 24, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Vu is one of the finest GPs I have encountered in my 87 years of life. Not only is he professional but he is also very kind and gracious in his manner with a patient. He did not rush me with my visit, and was very explicit in his recommendations.

On Aug 20, 2017 Anonymous said:

Staff is super friendly & Dr. Vu is very helpful & nice. :)

On Aug 18, 2017 Anonymous said:

Each and every staff member is wonderful. I was welcomed as soon as I stepped in the door and treated with much respect. I highly recommend this office!

On Aug 12, 2017 Anonymous said:

Well versed in updated medicine and offered alternatives if concerned about certain medicine and explained why testing and medicine were useful or important

On Jun 22, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very theral and great comunicater

On Sep 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

A doctor that will listen, and advise you, but it is up to youto tell him what your problems and concerns are. He is not a physic!

On Aug 28, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Vu. is a great doctor. I really like him.

On Nov 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

I tell my father(who lives in another state.) that I have been seeing Dr.Vu since I relocated to Marietta, Ohio in 2013 or shortly after, and felt instantly comfortable and at ease. I am a retired critical care nurse,and can readily tell that Dr.Vu is quite qualified to take care of issues that I have, including cardiac care, my hypertension, COPD, and hx of hep C.

On Aug 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

Everyone one was great.

On Aug 7, 2017 Anonymous said:

Nothing!! I went because a neighbor suggested him.

On Aug 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

Had a very good visit and left feeling that I was in good hands had not been able to experience that in a while thanks

On Jul 29, 2017 Anonymous said:

Thorough and easy to understand

On Jul 23, 2017 Anonymous said:

Thank you! I choose you as my PCP!

On Oct 28, 2017 Anonymous said:

generaly positive experience

On Oct 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

That they are very efficient and gets you in and out in a timely matter

On Apr 29, 2018 Anonymous said:

Great visit, great staff, great experience.

On Apr 27, 2018 Anonymous said:

I recommend them to anyone I

On Mar 31, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. Vu was so personable as well as knowledgeable. I was very impressed with his personal style. He was also a good listener.

On Mar 19, 2018 Anonymous said:

Must see Dr Vu

On Mar 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

Everyone was easy to talk to about questions

On Mar 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

Really takes an interest in whatever brought you there, catches every detail, and damn if he isn't right with the cure. I would highly recommend

On Mar 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

It is a very comfortable place to go. The Staff is great. Both Dr. Vu and Clare Petty are knowledgeable. But Patients have to be helpful by explaining their problems! The Dr. IS NOT a mind reader....

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