Gilbert Kukielka, MD, FACC, FACP, FSCAI

Interventional Cardiology, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiology Department
400 Matthew Street Suite 302
Marietta, Ohio 45750
(740) 568-5207
346 Ratings, 60 Comments
On Jun 11, 2018 Anonymous said:

Was my first time seeing him. It was obvious he had reviewed my chart and was familiar with my history.

On Jun 10, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very professional and listens.Easy to talk to and ask questions

On Jun 3, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very knowledgeable about the issues involved and patient history and thus inspires confidence in the high quality of health care.

On Jun 3, 2018 Anonymous said:

DR. "K" is the best I know.

On Jun 3, 2018 Anonymous said:

I highly recommend this physician

On Jun 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

He seemed very knowledgeable and nice and his staff made me (as a new patient) feel very much at home....

On Apr 27, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr.K is great

On Apr 5, 2018 Anonymous said:

World class health care is available right here through Marietta Health Systems.

On Mar 31, 2018 Anonymous said:

Excellent care, excellent service, no complaints!

On Mar 9, 2018 Anonymous said:

I really feel confident with Dr K as my cardiologist

On Feb 5, 2018 Anonymous said:


On Jan 26, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very good appointment that showed the doctor had done his homework in getting ready for the appointment.

On Oct 8, 2017 Anonymous said:

Good provider

On Sep 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very satisfied with my Dr.

On Sep 29, 2017 Anonymous said:

the same as I have just told you and I recommend him to them.

On Oct 8, 2017 Anonymous said:

Having never been to this doctor before I was very satisfied.

On Sep 22, 2017 Anonymous said:

very informative

On Sep 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. K did a terrific job inserting a stent in my main aortic artery, which was 100% clogged, avoiding Life Flight and open heart surgery in Columbus. He's direct but personable, and I've found him to be an attentive, caring listener, too. Highly recommended.

On Sep 4, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. K was very thorough and spent quality time with me.

On Sep 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

He was very straight forward and knowledgeable about my condition.

On Sep 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

Was professional and down to earth.

On Aug 26, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Kukielka is a great doctor.

On Jul 28, 2017 Anonymous said:

The same thing I just told you.

On Aug 27, 2017 Anonymous said:

Office and nurses are not on same page (communication) Office is not helpful in any way except to say "no one is in today & here's voicemail"Another complaint is waiting for months to be fit in for testing. Ridiculous to have such a fantastic Dr K (who saved my life in ER, coded twice, stents placed, & placed a Heart Pump) and have to be told MMH cannot schedule you for an appointment for over a month to see total damaged done to heart.

On Mar 4, 2018 Anonymous said:

Good rapport, personable, and on time.

On Mar 4, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr K. knows his job and from what I can see is very well liked, He needs to slow down with patients that are up in years and would like for him to see the things that led me to see him. These things might change how he views the problems.

On Feb 24, 2018 Anonymous said:


On Feb 19, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr K and his staff were very caring and knowledgeable making this a wonderful experience

On Feb 16, 2018 Anonymous said:

Always on time and efficient

On Feb 13, 2018 Anonymous said:

Caring doctor

On Mar 25, 2018 Anonymous said:

Doctor was very helpful.

On Feb 15, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr, was very friendly and listened to my concerns.

On Jan 23, 2018 Anonymous said:

I was very pleased with my appointment with Dr. K .....

On Feb 8, 2018 Anonymous said:

I would tell them that I was treated with respect, and all my questions were answered in an explanatory manner.

On Jan 25, 2018 Anonymous said:

Thank you Dr. k

On Jan 21, 2018 Anonymous said:

This visit was a good experience.

On Apr 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

He was pleasant, very informant and spend time with me.

On Apr 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr K's office, employees are all kind, respectful, knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend Dr. K to family and friends. Thank 5

On Mar 30, 2018 Anonymous said:

If you need a great Cardiologist for your better health. Dr. Kukielka would be an excellent choice.

On Apr 12, 2018 Anonymous said:

Great dr.

On Apr 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

From the receptionists to the nurse and doctor was an informative and thorough visit. Answered any questions.

On Jan 21, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. K and hos staff are great. They are very quick amd efficient and always take time to listen to yoir concerns.

On Jun 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

That I was comfortable throughout the visit.

On May 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

It was a great experience.I have some concerns about why our cardioligists ate leaving. MM Healrhcate System????!!!!

On Apr 22, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very impressed with his understanding of my condition

On Jun 25, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very competent doctor!

On Jun 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. K. was extremely knowledgeable about my history and my current tests. He explained everything in an easy way so I can understand. Spent plenty of time with me and was very confident. This helped with my anxiety. Excellent appointment and care.

On Jun 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

He listens to you and has a pleasant personality.

On Jun 14, 2018 Anonymous said:

Provider was fine. Only received an opinion on an EKG he did not perform.

On Jun 11, 2018 Anonymous said:

The Dr. K. is definitely a friendly and professional asset to the MHS Cardiology Department.

On Mar 19, 2018 Anonymous said:

Was very impressed with the doctor, however my condition could have been explained a little better, course of treatment, worse case was not discussed! Support staff could have been a little more detailed. And more informative! Sorry for some of the negativity, I just have high expectations of people doing there job especially in the medical field! I am aware that a job is a job however in the medical field they need to be a step above the rest!

On Jan 4, 2018 Anonymous said:

Give Dr. K A TRY.

On Dec 31, 2017 Anonymous said:


On Dec 31, 2017 Anonymous said:

The very Best !!

On Dec 29, 2017 Anonymous said:

Would highly recommend him to my family, friends, and patients!

On Dec 14, 2017 Anonymous said:

Great Experience and Staff and Dr made me feel so welcome.. Best experience I have had with Dr in a long time.. Answered every one of my concerns..

On Dec 4, 2017 Anonymous said:

Highly recomend

On Nov 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

I highly recommend the entire office staff. Both the Doctor and nurse really cared about my health. They took time to listen to me and were great at scheduling appointments and tests.

On Nov 30, 2017 Anonymous said:


On Nov 4, 2017 Anonymous said:

You will be pleased with him and will trust his judgement.

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