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On Feb 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

The office is so friendly and concerned about their patients.. But sometimes you do have a long wait..

On Feb 10, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is always so welcoming to me, every time I see him regardless of how long it has been, he makes me feel like we just had coffee the day before. So friendly, personable and individualized care!

On Feb 4, 2018 Anonymous said:

Always a pleasant appointment.

On Feb 4, 2018 Anonymous said:

They are all great

On Feb 3, 2018 Anonymous said:

Great experience

On Jan 27, 2018 Anonymous said:

office staff is top notch always! Doctor Stanley has a way to make me feel very comfortable and is down to earth.

On Jan 28, 2018 Anonymous said:

Great doctor who is very compassionate about what he does .

On Jan 20, 2018 Anonymous said:

Yes absolutely

On Jan 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is amazing. I have all the faith in the world in him. I have concerns about his staff and their knowledge. I had an issue that I experienced in the last month and some of his staff was not helpful with my situation and would not ask the Dr. questions when I would call in. I know that had they contacted him he would have answered my questions.

On Jan 14, 2018 Anonymous said:

He is too busy but never makes me feel rushed

On Jan 16, 2018 Anonymous said:

I have already recommended Dr. Stanley to family

On Jan 11, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley’s practice, offices and staff, is the total professional package. The offices are welcoming, bright and pristine. All of the staff is attentive and caring. This practice is one of the best Marietta has to offer patients!

On Jan 6, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr Stanley and his staff were very kind and kept me at ease during the whole process of my appointment.

On Jan 6, 2018 Anonymous said:

Dr Stanley always addresses my concerns and spends time listening to what I have to say without making me feel rushed. I feel this is why time in the waiting room can be a little bit longer, but I’ll take that over a provider that rushes through patients.

On Jan 3, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very friendly doc! We are so happy we made the switch to Dr. Stanley.

On Dec 31, 2017 Anonymous said:

Wonderful doctor.

On Dec 25, 2017 Anonymous said:

This was my first visit to Dr. Stanley. I really liked him; he was easy to talk to, and explained procedures before doing them. I hope he stays @ MMH. The community needs a quality provider like him.

On Dec 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley really knows his stuff! I’ve recommended my friends go to him for superb prenatal care and they have recommended their friends go too! Dr. Stanley genuinely cares about each of his patients and provides the best care possible.

On Dec 14, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very caring Dr. who takes the time to listen to you and respond to you. Takes his time with you and doesn't hurry you out.

On Dec 28, 2017 Anonymous said:

He seemed to be in a hurry.

On Dec 10, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is a great physician. He always takes time to listen to any questions and concerns. I would highly recommend him.

On Dec 10, 2017 Anonymous said:

Great bed side manner. Good person and a great dr

On Dec 10, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is very compassionate, understanding, and thorough!

On Dec 6, 2017 Anonymous said:

Provider is A+! Office staff is average. Was to be given info to schedule my mammogram upon check out. I received nothing but my next appt card.

On Dec 2, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley cares about his patients and is easy to talk to.

On Nov 28, 2017 Anonymous said:

Great listener. Provides easy to understand information.

On Nov 22, 2017 Anonymous said:

He’s very good, and I’d highly recommend him.

On Nov 12, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very caring and thorough

On Nov 7, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley and his staff provide exceptional care. His bedside manner is top notch and he is so patient to listen and help with all your concerns. Some OB appointments can be so uncomfortable but he and his staff make these visits easy. I would highly recommend his care to those I know.

On Nov 1, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley and his staff did an excellent job with my care. They made sure to tell me they’d call me within a set frame of time with test results and actually called sooner! I am very impressed with the care they provide and would certainly recommend their office!

On Oct 29, 2017 Anonymous said:

Have known Steve since he was born and he is knowleabble and willing to answer questions.

On Oct 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

Waited for 1 hour in the waiting room.

On Oct 14, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Stanley is an awesome Dr all of my family goes to him.

On Oct 14, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Stanley is always there to listen and give you the information no matter what your situation. He is very thorough and always willing to help.

On Oct 13, 2017 Anonymous said:

Yes friendly and made me feel comfortable talking to him. He treated me with respect.

On Oct 12, 2017 Anonymous said:

He is a very knowledgeable provider.

On Sep 25, 2017 Anonymous said:

He's a knowledgeable and approachable provider.

On Sep 21, 2017 Anonymous said:

Friendly and spends time with you and makes you feel like they aren't in a hurry to get you out.

On Sep 21, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is amazing. He always goes the extra mile to make sure he helps you as a patient.

On Sep 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr, Stanley is very nice, personable, puts you at ease. Observant one of the nicest Dr's I have met.

On Sep 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

He is a very nice Doctor and he answers all the question and listens to you very well

On Aug 31, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley and his staff are very friendly and helpful.

On Aug 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

He is caring and listens.

On Aug 27, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is very good but office staff is dismissive, unprofessional and lacks compassion for patients.

On Aug 24, 2017 Anonymous said:

I have been a patient with Dr. Stanley for many years. I have gone through normal and high risk pregnancies, post partum depression, normal yearly check ups, and other GYN related concerns with Dr. Stanley. My mother and grandmother are now also patients. He always takes enough time with every patient and makes sure every question is answered and explained thoroughly. Couldn't ask for anything more!

On Aug 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

That I was completely at ease and happy with my appointment.

On Aug 10, 2017 Anonymous said:

I recommend this office to all of my family and friends. Dr Stanley and the staff are wonderful.

On Jul 31, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is very personable and seems to take an interest in my health and medical concerns.

On Jul 22, 2017 Anonymous said:


On Jul 20, 2017 Anonymous said:

dr stanley made me feel comfortable and cared for

On Jul 19, 2017 Anonymous said:

Just Perfect!

On Jul 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is a wonderful doctor. He has an awesome office staff.

On Jul 1, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very good provider. Yes, you may share my feedback anonymously.

On Jun 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is very caring and knowledgeable

On Jun 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

Friendly staff and physician.

On Jun 29, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very nice and professional that made a dreaded medical appointment seem as normal as possible without embarrasment.

On Jun 19, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley makes you feel like a person and not a number. He's very personable and takes the time to answer questions without making you feel hurried. He is respectful and his staff is very friendly as well.

On Jun 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

Wonderful!! Took time to talk. Made me feel comfortable.

On Jun 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

I love seeing Dr. Stanley! He is positive, upbeat and truly cares about his patients. Even though he is extremely busy it doesn't seem to impact the quality of his care.

On Jun 20, 2017 Anonymous said:

The dr apt was really slow last time about an hour and a half wait. This time only maybe half an hour in and out including the ultrasound. It was nice. Wish it were always so fast and dr stanley was very nice.

On Jun 16, 2017 Anonymous said:

The provider is extremely thorough and makes a less than pleasant experience better. He always takes the time to ask me questions and I don't feel like I am being rushed so he can get to the next patient despite the amount of patients that he sees. I would recommend him to anyone!

On Jun 10, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Stephen Stanley is a very understanding and caring physician, and I may add with a great since of humor that helps in making his patients feel a little more at ease!He truly cares about his patients!! ????

On Jun 11, 2017 Anonymous said:

I would highly recommend Dr Stanley to all my friends and family.

On May 20, 2017 Anonymous said:

Absolutely everyone was wonderful especially Dr Stanley

On May 18, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Stanley is a fantastic doctor. He is surrounded by a great staff who make you feel welcome from the time you arrive to the time you leave.

On May 10, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Stanley is very kind and caring!

On May 18, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Stanley is one of the most caring Doctors I know. I always feel like no matter what I am dealing with health wise, it will be handled in the very best way for me. I would recommend him to anyone.

On May 2, 2017 Anonymous said:

He is a great doctor and is office staff are very freindly.

On May 1, 2017 Anonymous said:

He is very easy to talk with about private problems.

On Apr 12, 2017 Anonymous said:

I always recommend Dr. Stanley to anyone. He is the best doctor, cares about his patients, always listens, and is wonderful. I appreciate everything he does and his office staff is always so friendly.

On Apr 9, 2017 Anonymous said:

He is the reason I was able to have my 2 beautiful babies after I was told I would never be able to have a child. Love him?

On Mar 27, 2017 Anonymous said:

1)I realize the nature of OB/GYN doctors with babies & their unpredictable timing can really mess up office schedules...but, patients should be informed if there will be a change in the scheduled provider BEFORE they are surprised when they are laying on the exam table half naked.2)If a doctor or NP is seeing a patient for the very first time, they need to introduce themselves. This is common courtesy.3)I really like Dr. Stanley & his office staff, but I am still confused & upset about my recent visit. Thank you.

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