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Sarah M. Limer, NP

Specialties: Nurse Practitioner, Family

Gender: Female

Language(s): English

Patient Experience Rating:

  • 4.9 out of 5 Rating
  • 203 Ratings


On Jun 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

On May 11, 2018 Anonymous said:
Sarah Is kind compassionate and knowledgeable. She went over my hospital stay, my labs as I was in the ER Thursday and what my labs where Monday. (Along with each set in between.) She helped me develop a plan to continue to improve my labs and to continue to improve my health. I’ve been to some who simply say You need to loose weight. Well duh I’m aware of this and trying. She actually helped make a plan that sounds doable and allows me to work up to where I need to be! It was encouraging instead of discouraging.

On Feb 17, 2018 Anonymous said:
This is my first visit to Sarah at Dr. Powell’s office. She went over all of my history and medications and was very helpful with answering any questions that I had. She took time to discuss any issues that I had and make me feel very comfortable with the experience.

On Feb 14, 2018 Anonymous said:
She was really concerned about my health and is actively looking for ways to help .

On Feb 9, 2018 Anonymous said:
I would tell my friends and family, if you wanted to be treated by people who will treat you like friends and family, you should make an appointment with Sarah Limer or Dr. Jill Powell. The healthcare providers and staff at this location are top notch and care about their patients.

On Feb 3, 2018 Anonymous said:
That I was very pleased with this providwe

On Jan 17, 2018 Anonymous said:
Highly recommend them

On Jan 13, 2018 Anonymous said:
I signed my children up to join her practice. The office made all of their phone calls for my followup exams.

On May 18, 2018 Anonymous said:
Office is hard to reach by phone. Usually you have to leave a message, which is often not returned. However, once you manage to get an appointment, the staff is thorough and does not rush you. Also friendly.

On May 16, 2018 Anonymous said:

On May 10, 2018 Anonymous said:
Sarah is one of the best doctors around … she will listen to you and will work hard to get you answers or any concerns … I found out that I have diabetes and she has been a wonderful motivation for me to work hard to get my A1C back to a normal range … thank you so much …

On Apr 9, 2018 Anonymous said:
everyone i have met at this office is kind and compassionate and treats everyone with respect.

On Apr 5, 2018 Anonymous said:
Knowledgeable and caring

On Mar 17, 2018 Anonymous said:
I would tell my family and friends this has always been the best place to provide health care since I have been going there . They listen provide useful information and genuinely care. They don’t come in with one foot out the door. They take their time and listen. 100% satisfaction

On Feb 23, 2018 Anonymous said:
Very friendly staff.

On Jan 11, 2018 Anonymous said:
She was very attentive and understanding. Took time to listen to my issues, including those that randomly came to mind during visit. It had been a long time since my last doctors visit, so I had a lot of questions – all were addressed appropriately.

On Dec 2, 2017 Anonymous said:
With it is my first visit the services the service was excellent, highly recommended.

On Nov 17, 2017 Anonymous said:
everyone was caring and respectable to their patients

On Jul 20, 2017 Anonymous said:
All staff were wonderful! I had a great visit

On Jul 9, 2017 Anonymous said:
Fast and friendly service.

On Aug 11, 2017 Anonymous said:
Sarah Limer is a very professional and respectful health care provider. Sarah is a good listener and easy to talk with. She answered all my health care questions and concerns. The office staff at Dr. Powell’s office is friendly and efficient.

On Nov 30, 2017 Anonymous said:
Very caring staff

On Dec 17, 2017 Anonymous said:
Nurse Practitioner Limer is kind, understanding, compassionate, intelligent and a wonderful nurse practitioner!

On Nov 26, 2017 Anonymous said:
The doctor, nurse practitioner, and staff are very friendly and caring.

On Jul 15, 2017 Anonymous said:
I love Sarah Limer. She listens and seems genuine and wants to help you anyway she can.

On Feb 24, 2018 Anonymous said:
I would recommend Sarah for anyone that is diabetic.

On Jun 7, 2018 Anonymous said:
She listens to you and shows great respect for you.

On Dec 24, 2017 Anonymous said:
She is good provider and an awesome lady! She makes me feel at ease.

On Oct 30, 2017 Anonymous said:
Great service and family healthcare!

On Dec 20, 2017 Anonymous said:
This provider supplied all the information I needed to get started on my journey to better A1c and better health. Thanks

On Sep 22, 2017 Anonymous said:
Good and caring doctor and staff. Very pleased with them

On Aug 28, 2017 Anonymous said:
I’m glad I have found a doctor / nurse practitioner who truly cares about their patients and hasn’t moved away. Good doctors are hard to find.

On Aug 17, 2017 Anonymous said:
Sarah is the best!

On Aug 13, 2017 Anonymous said:
Sarah is very attentive and understanding. She is sincerely concerned for her patients and very thorough in your visit. She is down to earth and easy to talk to and understand.


  • Education Type: Medical
  • Attended: 01/01/2009 to 05/14/2011
  • Institution: Wheeling University


  • Aetna Better Health of WV -WV Medicaid