Clinical Rotations for Students

Our Clinical Skills Program is an educational and assessment resource designed to support the learning curriculum for students filling their rotation requirements.

How to Apply

  • All requests must be submitted on the Student Roster via email to Ashley Fought at
  • All information requested on the form must be completed.
  • Please be sure to verify that dates that you fill in are correct and correspond to the actual days of the week requested.
  • Course description or syllabus, outlining the students’ clinical expectations must accompany each request in order to be considered.
  • Email your request with course syllabus or description and onboarding forms to Ashley Fought at

Contact Us

All students requesting a clinical rotation with Memorial Health System will need to contact Ashley Fought to determine if a contract with the student’s school is already active. If not, a contract must be started prior to the student’s start date. (Note: It can take 6 – 8 weeks for a contract to be fully executed)

Requesting a clinical rotation

  • With placement predetermined: It is recommended that schools/students submit their requests one month in advance
  • Without placement already determined: It is recommended that schools/students submit their request three months in advance

Ashley Fought
Student Coordinator
(740) 568-2203