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Memorial Health Honors Volunteers of the Year

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

As a not-for-profit provider, Memorial Health System likes to recognize those who dedicate their free time to helping others—particularly our staff and patients—on a daily basis.

At the 39th Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet, we recognized and celebrated our volunteers who consistently demonstrate outstanding quality and quantity of work, customer service, dedication, and our mission.

While all of our volunteers are an important and indispensable resource for our health system, we would like to specifically honor our volunteers who are 90 years and older and still working to give back to their community.

90+ Club: Bob Boersma, Bill Dunn, Hilton Drake, and Jack Hardman.

At the banquet, we also announced our Volunteers of the Year. These are individuals who have made a huge difference in the lives of our staff and patients that we felt deserved special praise and recognition.

This year’s Volunteers of the Year are Tom Powell, who serves at the Cancer Center and the Marietta Memorial Hospital’s Information Desk, and Leo Farley, who serves at Marietta Memorial Hospital’s Outpatient Registration.

During the past year, 173 volunteers have donated 16,098 hours of service. Besides their time, volunteers have donated to several different programs including baby burp cloths and puddle pads for the hospital’s nursery, heart pillows for our heart patients, and stuffed animals provided to the children when treated throughout Memorial Health System.

“Our volunteers are special and amazing people who make the difference for patients and families,” said Cindy Hall, volunteer services coordinator for Memorial Health System. Our theme this year is Volunteers – Sharing Kindness, Touching Lives. The volunteers walk the extra mile to make a difference in our patients’ lives. They help in numerous ways by greeting and escorting patients and their family members, delivering flowers, parking assistance, and behind the scenes in offices, medical records, and other areas of the system. We are pleased to have this opportunity to recognize the volunteers for their commitment and dedication to our system.”

For information on becoming a hospital volunteer, please visit or contact Cindy Hall, volunteer services coordinator, at (740) 374-1778.


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