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Memorial Health System Joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

Kevin Punsky, Mayo Clinic Communications

(August 3, 2023, Marietta, Ohio) – Memorial Health System and Mayo Clinic announced that the health system with clinic locations in southeastern Ohio and northwestern West Virginia has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a group of carefully vetted, independent healthcare organizations, have special access to Mayo Clinic’s knowledge and expertise.

“This is a very exciting day for our system, patients, and community,” says Memorial Health System President and CEO Scott Cantley. “This new collaboration with Mayo Clinic helps us fulfill our mission to bring the best health care and highest clinical expertise to our communities so people can receive care at home. Our mission and values align with Mayo Clinic’s, and we are honored to call ourselves a part of this network.”

Providers from Memorial Health System can combine their understanding of their patients’ medical needs with Mayo Clinic expertise, so patients get the care they need, close to home.

“We are pleased to welcome Memorial Health System to the Mayo Clinic Care Network,” says Mark V. Larson, MD, medical director, of Mayo Clinic Care Network. “Our organizations share a common mission and core values to bring our patients the highest level and quality of care. We are committed to providing Memorial Health System with our knowledge and expertise, especially in serious, rare, and complex care, to help strengthen the care they deliver to their patients.”

Through Memorial Health System’s membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network, its providers have access to Mayo Clinic clinical solutions and services, including:

  • AskMayoExpert: a database of concise clinical information on hundreds of medical conditions, and includes medical protocols, treatment recommendations, and medical references.
  • eConsults: providers may contact Mayo Clinic specialists for second opinions on specific patient cases when they believe additional input will benefit their patients.
  • eBoards: live video conferences that enable medical teams to virtually review and discuss complex cases with a team of Mayo Clinic specialists and providers from Mayo Clinic Care Network health systems.

“This collaboration will provide our medical staff with access to the tools and services of the Mayo Clinic, enabling them to share medical knowledge and collaborate in ways that benefit our patients,” says Memorial Health System Vice President of Physician Services and Chief Medical Officer, Dan Breece, DO. “It brings tools, resources, research, and treatment recommendations to our patients, knowing they have the minds of our providers and the experts of Mayo Clinic working on their behalf. It will transform the delivery of care in our region.”

Staff from Memorial health System can use Mayo Clinic educational materials designed for patients, and access opportunities for professional development and continuous medical education.

Created in 2011, the Mayo Clinic Care Network has more than 45 member organizations across the U.S. and in Asia, India, Mexico, and the Middle East.

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to innovation in clinical practice, education, and research, and providing compassion, expertise, and answers to everyone who needs healing. Visit the Mayo Clinic News Network for additional Mayo Clinic news.


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