Memorial Health System Progressing After Cyber Attack

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021


Media Contact:
Jennifer Offenberger, Associate Vice President, Service Excellence:
Phone: (740) 374-1797

Memorial Health System has worked with national cybersecurity experts to resolve the impact of a cyber attack in the early morning hours of August 15, 2021.

“We have reached a negotiated solution and are beginning the process that will restore operations as quickly and as safely as possible. We are following a deliberate, systematic approach to bring systems back online securely and in a manner that prioritizes our ability to provide patient care. This could happen as early as Sunday,” says Cantley.

“As we conduct our IT remediation work, our security experts have been monitoring and have not noted any indication that any patient or employee data has been publicly released or disclosed,” he said.

“Patient care has continued to be our top priority, says Memorial Health System president and CEO Scott Cantley. “Although many of our systems have been down, we have robust processes in place to maintain safe and effective patient care. We are collectively responding in accordance with our well- planned process and policies for this type of event.”

Moving forward, the health system will continue to focus on remediation technology that will be added to already intensive security systems. “It is unfortunate that many health care organizations are confronting the impacts of an evolving cyber threat landscape,” says Cantley. “We continue to implement enhancements to our information security, systems, and monitoring capabilities.”


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