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Rachel L. Bail, NP

Nurse Practitioner, Family

4.89 out of 5  /  315 ratings  /  60 Comments

Insurance Accepted

  • Aetna Better Health of WV -WV Medicaid
  • Aetna/First Health Network
  • Anthem BCBS of Ohio
  • Buckeye Health Plan-OH Medicaid
  • BWC Ohio
  • CareSource-OH Medicaid
  • Cigna
  • Custom Design Benefits
  • Health Plan
  • HealthSmart
  • Humana
  • MedBen-MHS Tier 1
  • Medicaid OH Traditional
  • Medicaid WV Traditional
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Medicare Ohio
  • Medicare Railroad
  • MediGold
  • Molina
  • MultiPlan/PHCS Networks
  • Ohio Health Choice
  • Anthem Medicaid
  • Provider Network of America
  • Quality Care Partners
  • Tricare Humana Military
  • Unicare-WV Medicaid
  • United Healthcare Community Plan-OH Medicaid
  • United Healthcare of Ohio
  • VA/UHC-Optum
  • Valor Health Plan
  • WV Senior Advantage
  • Zelis
  • AmeriHealth Caritas
  • Bob Evans

Provider Reviews

4.89 out of 5  /  315 ratings  /  60 Comments

On Jun 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
My appointment was at 7:20 but the office doesn’t open until 7:30 – thought this was odd. I had to wait for the blood to be drawn – she had to make a bunch of changes to her computer – took over 10 min. I had to wait to be checked out – there was a computer update. took about 10 min. My entire appt. took over an hour – which seems a little long. There was a lot of waiting. I like this doctors office, so I will be back.

On Nov 10, 2021 Anonymous said:
I just had a blood test done.

On Nov 4, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail is excellent care provider.

On Oct 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
Always pleasant, and knowledgeable.

On Oct 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
I waited over an hour to see the doctor and 15 minutes to have blood drawn. I was there 2 hours fir a wellness appointment

On Oct 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachael Bail is an awesome nurse practioner! She has a good knowledge base of medicine and was able to help me.

On Oct 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel is the best provider hands down that we have both ever went to. She is knowledgeable, caring, and considered a whole the whole patient and really gets to know them. She’s just great.

On Oct 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
She is a very good, very good nurse practitioner, and we are going to miss her very much. Thank you.

On Oct 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
I have been a patient at this office many years. Always the best service, kind people, great employees, service, and atmosphere.

On Oct 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
I would like to discuss my results of my blood work, with my doctor directly instead of just a nurse. I realize, this is a holiday weekend. But I can wait until Tuesday. But I think Rachel Bail is a very… very compassionate, and very good nurse practitioner. And I’m going to stick with her.

On Oct 9, 2021 Anonymous said:
She is leaving.

On Oct 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
I felt that Rachel Bail was extremely wonderful, very attentive. She knew that I was not feeling well, so she was very attentive but yet she was very thorough and quick to get me out of there because I just felt so horrible. She was very communicative. She explain things very well. I give her a 10. The front desk when leaving I did feel that they were a little disorganized the lady that check me out. I had an elderly lady waiting behind me that I went ahead and let the elderly lady. Go ahead of me because the lady at checkout was taking so long and was disorganized.

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel is wonderful. My Mother in law had to accompany my child to the appointment and Rachel FaceTimed me in the room so that I could talk with her about what was going on with my son. All of the staff at Barlow from the front to the back are fantastic.

On Oct 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
The provider I saw (Rachel Bail) is superior. Her professional behaviour, courtesy and skills are far above average. I hope to continue my patient ànd provider relationship with her.

On Oct 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
My appointment was with NP Rachel Bail. She is very easy to talk with about any issue. I appreciate the time she takes to discuss any concerns I may have. She is a wonderful asset to your facility Hate to see her leave.

On Aug 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Thank you Rachel Bail she is excellent 🙂

On Aug 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
The young lady that was taking my blood samples was very nice but not very skilled…. she had to call on a colleague to finish the job…these employees seem to be Jr. members of the team I wish this could be is the worst part of the experience.

On Jul 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail is the single best healthcare provider I have ever met, hands down. Dr Dennis is very good as well, but Rachel is something special.

On Jul 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail is hands down one of the best providers I have ever seen, she really listened and cared about my health and well-being. A rare quality in today’s medical climate. Jeanie was her always wonderful competent self, she is always great! The MA who checked me in took a dangerously inaccurate BP, never made eye contact, seemed annoyed that I was there… In summation a very good visit, I hope to stay with Rachel as my permanent provider!

On Jul 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
The entire staff was Very help, friendly and professional.

On Jul 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
I came in for a pelvic exam and a Pap smear. Rachel Bail performed this service for me and she was wonderful (attentive, understanding, efficient and informative).

On Jun 28, 2021 Anonymous said:
The entire office staff was wonderful and the service level is why I am willing to travel to this location.

On Jun 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
First time Rachel and she was great. Very thorough and understanding. She is easy to talk to!

On Jun 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel is so professional. Greatful to have her.

On Jun 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
Positive experience with Rachel Bail

On Jun 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
How Rachel Bell could improve is not to be prejudiced against people that have wait on them because of not being able to motivate because of health issues.

On Jun 6, 2021 Anonymous said:
Nurse, NP, and student PA were attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thank you.

On Jun 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Very friendly staff

On May 29, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail took extra time to discuss my concerns.

On May 21, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail is the most knowledgeable and professional medical person I have encountered. She makes you feel like you are her number one priority. Offering compassion, suggestions and advice.

On May 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes. Rachel and Dr. Dancer. Two of the best doctors I’ve ever seen. They are definitely my most trusted. The availability to see them is absolutely wonderful. Even when they are booked up, they can usually find a time to squeeze me in and be seen and they’re both just great. Thank you.

On May 5, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel is always so kind and helpful and knows our history. We are always pleased with seeing her!

On May 2, 2021 Anonymous said:
I always feel I get exceptional care when I visit this office. I never leave without having all my concerns addressed and knowing what the next step in my care is.

On May 2, 2021 Anonymous said:
rachel bail is wonderful she is such a caring person. she looks out for health and reminds me to work on things that only i can do. medicine is a partnership, we both have roles to play

On Apr 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Dennis and his staff along with Laurie Heggelston and Rachel have been outstanding. I haven’t had Dr Galang to be able to rate him

On Apr 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Office was helpful and professional

On Apr 20, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail was wonderful. She took the time to listen to my concerns, she addressed them, she helped me tremendously. I’ve never had anybody treat me and spend the time with me that Rachel Bail did. I think she was wonderful. Thank you so much.

On Apr 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachael was very nice and helpful to my 93 year old dad. She spent extra time with him and encouraged him with healthy living information. She made him feel important

On Mar 29, 2021 Anonymous said:
I have been a patient with this office since 1987 I can always count on them all Thanks for being a caring staff!

On Mar 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
You need to change the survey. the question about if you contacted the providers office during office hours …. there is no option there for “not applicable”. I have NOT contacted them with questions, but there was no way for me to move past the question without rating how they did when called.

On Mar 23, 2021 Anonymous said:
I saw NP Rachel Bail. I’m very Pleased with her.

On Mar 20, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail and the entire staff were excellent as usual.

On Mar 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail is the best provider I’ve ever had. She’s thorough caring and amazing and I plan on sending, sending her a thank you note. Thank you. Bye.

On Mar 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
I have always had a good experience with Rachel Bail. She is very knowledgeable and answers my questions. She is very thorough in reviewing my records and getting me answers or test I need

On Feb 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
They were very kind and listened to my questions.

On Feb 20, 2021 Anonymous said:
(INAUDIBLE) I never received the results from my blood work and and the chest x-ray that was taken the only argue get them results and next day which would have been Friday today. That’s all I got to say. Thank you. Bye.

On Feb 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
The office visit and my provider were wonderful. The phresia system for preregistering id abysmal and a waste of my time. I almost always either get 6-7 texts and 2-3 phone calls or none at all. This tiem, I got 2 phone calls and no texts for registration. I did get a preregister text 5 minutes past my appt time while I was checking in at the window. This system is very poorly done and wastes a lot of my time.

On Feb 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel was wonderful.

On Feb 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Too long waiting

On Jan 28, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail is the best family doctor I’ve had in my 51 years in this earth.

On Jan 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
Rachel Bail, NP, is always proactive and recommends appropriate screenings/evaluations. She is responsive to concerns and helpful.

On Jan 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
You’ve done everything well except the call came while I was doing something and there was no way to have you call back, but it’s alright. Okay. Thank you. Everything was really great. Bye. Bye.

On Jan 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
Both Rachel and Brittany were wonderful.

On Jan 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
Give Rachel a raise.

On Jan 2, 2021 Anonymous said:
I think the White Oak Professional Center at Vincent it a top notch facility. I trust them with my health concerns.

On Dec 31, 2020 Anonymous said:
Everyone in the office is very nice Kelly and Diane and Robin are very helpful and kind Rachel and Lexie do a great job they listen and explain stuff so you can understand and the girl that did my lab work did a great job and she’s very nice.

On Dec 28, 2020 Anonymous said:
As far as dr. Appointments go,it was a pleasant experience

On Dec 21, 2020 Anonymous said:
I always feel comfortable talking to Rachel!!!

On Dec 17, 2020 Anonymous said:
Well, I was suffering from chronic (INAUDIBLE) dizziness my dizziness Virgo. And I would try to get call Sports Med, which I thought was the one I went to in the shopping center and nobody answered and then they called the hospital and they hook me up with that and nobody answered. And I played phone tag with with them for 3 or 4 days. Finally got to talk to somebody and here it was a Sports Med on Wayne Street, and I told them it was in the shopping center. But anyway, I finally went down there and the nurse said well

On Dec 6, 2020 Anonymous said:
I was very satisfied.

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