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Teri L. Cook, MD

Department of Primary Care

4.88 out of 5  /  392 ratings  /  85 Comments

Insurance Accepted

  • Aetna Better Health of WV -WV Medicaid
  • Aetna/First Health Network
  • Anthem BCBS of Ohio
  • Buckeye Health Plan-OH Medicaid
  • CareSource-OH Medicaid
  • Health Plan
  • Medicaid OH Traditional
  • Medicaid WV Traditional
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Medicare Ohio
  • Molina
  • MultiPlan/PHCS Networks
  • Anthem Medicaid
  • Unicare-WV Medicaid
  • United Healthcare Community Plan-OH Medicaid
  • United Healthcare of Ohio
  • VA/UHC-Optum
  • Provider Network of America
  • Cigna
  • Custom Design Benefits
  • HealthSmart
  • Humana
  • MedBen-MHS Tier 1
  • Medicare Railroad
  • MediGold
  • Ohio Health Choice
  • Quality Care Partners
  • Tricare Humana Military
  • Valor Health Plan
  • WV Senior Advantage
  • Zelis
  • AmeriHealth Caritas
  • Bob Evans

Provider Reviews

4.88 out of 5  /  392 ratings  /  85 Comments

On Nov 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
She was super-lady, and she told me everything I need to know, and when I wasn’t sure, she’ll explain very, very much what I need to know. Thank you very much.

On Nov 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook and her staff are amazing! They are all very professional and spend time with their patients and never seem rushed. Thank you for all you do!

On Oct 31, 2021 Anonymous said:
Best primary care doctor and staff. Won’t ever go anywhere else.

On Oct 31, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is a very experienced and understanding doctor and I’m glad I have her for my primary care.

On Oct 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
Very satisfactory helped to ease my mind on some concerns

On Oct 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
I have had an issue with bringing up serious issues health issues…concerns that I have a feeling uncomfortable with my provider, doctor, etc. Dr. Cook makes it very easy to share information that may be uncomfortable about my health or physical condition. She makes…she just makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, and explain things in such a way and it’s very understandable and you feel confident and capable of leaving her office and continuing to do what she suggests. And I appreciate her kindness and understanding of my medical history.

On Oct 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook answered all my questions and made me feel important!

On Oct 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everyone in Dr. Cook’s office including Dr. Cook are very personable and friendly. They are very good at what they do.

On Oct 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes, I was there on the 14th of October just for a flu shot and everything went fine with the flu shots. However, I found out that the nurse they gave me the flu shot had not been vaccinated for the Covid vaccine, which gave me a little bit of concern. She was actually masked, she had a mask on and everything, but it’s still just gave me a little bit of concern that a nurse that was giving shots and stuff, had not been vaccinated for the Covid vaccine. Thank you so much.

On Oct 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
They treat you like family ??

On Oct 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
All of the staff were very nice & understanding! I also have to brag on the staff down in the labs! Very polite & professional, even with as busy as they were!

On Oct 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook, her nurses, and her staff are caring, attentive and rate a ten if not higher

On Oct 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
i love dr. cook I have ben with her for 16 years and counting she is awesome if she cant find what is wrong or have answers to my problem she sends me to some one how can help

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Our daughter went in for shots only. The nurse seemed to rush through it. She made a comment to my daughter that I didn’t feel was professional. She looked at my daughter and said do they allow you to go to school like that? My daughter had a short jean skirt on with a shirt tucked in. She then ask does it go to your fingertips? Then ask what school she went to. I just felt that did not need said and I know it embarrassed my daughter who is 16. To me, it just did not need mentioned in a drs office. She was rushing and forgot to put a bandaid on her other arm after she put one on the first arm. So she rushes out and puts timer on and she comes back in and takes a bandaid off her shirt and puts it on my daughter’s other arm that she forgot to do in rushing. Other than all this the receptionist was nice and did all what she was suppose to do. This is the first time we felt everything was rushed.

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Doctor Cook was very patient, understanding, and listened to all my concerns. I look forward to more visits with her.

On Oct 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
Great job by all as always

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Great staff, always curious, understanding, and gives great attention to all my health concerns!

On Aug 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
Every time I go to see Dr. Cook; I feel like I am the only patient she has for the day. She spends so much time with me. She shares her life & family situations that I feel like we have been BFF for years. It just makes me feel so comfortable to sit & share life experiences with her. To know I’m not alone, going through these situations. I love Dr. Cook & wouldn’t change a thing. I recommend her to everyone that I come across that’s looking for a new physician, even if they aren’t, I still tell them about her.

On Aug 5, 2021 Anonymous said:
I am a new patient with Dr Cook. I’m gonna trust her with my life.

On Jul 29, 2021 Anonymous said:
I think, Dr. Cook is a very sweet nice person. And she listens to what you got to say, and she tried to help you out in anyway that she can. You know, she does a really good job. Thank you.

On Jul 29, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is wonderful! She always takes the time to listen to me and address all of my concerns. I always feel well heard and happy with my care when leaving her office.

On Jul 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook’s office was great. I was surprised (and disappointed) that the medical campus in general did not have a mask policy in place. I would expect medical establishments to take the pandemic more seriously and require everyone to wear masks. Many of the people there were likely either ill or immuno-compromised, but masking was clearly optional on the part of staff (downstairs) and no one was requiring patients/visitors to wear one, which does not seem like the responsible choice. Both doctors and the mammogram technician I saw along with their nursing staff that interacted with me all wore a mask, but there were so many that did not have masks (health professionals, visitors, patients, and construction work crew). That choice made me less comfortable with seeking medical care right now.

On Jul 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes, I felt like it was a very relaxed, interpersonal communication between the patient and the doctor and also with the nurse on there and then when I went to the reception, she would go back over everything that the doctor had said to me and I really like that enforcement.

On Jul 20, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is just one of those extra special doctors, that’s hard to find. I look forward to going to the doctor with her. I mean, she’s a rare rare find in the medical world and I really appreciate being referred in there to her. I was very pleased. I really like the way she explained things the way she communicated with me. I would give her a hundred if I could

On Jul 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
Receptionist was excellent. Dr Cook was excellent. My daughters nurse Troxanne (not sure how to spell it) rushed through my daughters wellness exam. She took her blood pressure, pulse, height, and weight that was it. My son was just there a few weeks ago and his wellness exam involved hearing and eye test along with lab work. His nurse at that visit was beyond excellent. This nurse doesn’t take the time she should with patients. She calls to give lab results leaves message…all labs fine any questions call.

On Jul 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
I love Dr cook she always listens and helps with solutions

On Jul 15, 2021 Anonymous said:
We love Dr cook she is amazing

On Jul 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
I was used to my daughter being weighed and measured on the table, but this time we used the stand-up station. I felt very rushed and like her readings weren’t correct, but I guess it doesn’t make since to take all her clothes and shoes off like we had in the past. We as adults do not, but we do typically take our shoes off. I don’t remember Dr. Cook checking for or asking about my daughter’s umbilical hernia like she normally does, and I didn’t think about it until after we were back in the car.

On Jul 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Cook listens to me and that is wonderful

On Jun 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
I have seen Dr Cook for years & referred several people . Good caring & nice to deal with ,always a good experience!

On Jun 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
We love dr cook she’s always helpful and listens to all your concerns. Always talks to you about new meds and old. She’s the best

On Jun 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
Very friendly staff… always nice and courteous

On Jun 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
Wonderful, caring and professional folks. Just what Marietta Health always provides. Thank you.

On Jun 9, 2021 Anonymous said:
They are all very nice they keep checking on you when your waiting a really nice place and nice people

On May 30, 2021 Anonymous said:
Getting a hold of the front desk is usually very difficult. I was discharged from hospital with an appointment because they tried calling for an hour and couldn’t reach someone. So I continued to call until someone answered.

On May 30, 2021 Anonymous said:
I have good experiences at MM

On May 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everyone that works here are very friendly and knowledgeable about my condition and make me feel at ease. I never have to wait long to get in to see Dr. Cook.

On May 9, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Cook is the best!!! I tell everyone how amazing she is!

On May 6, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook has been my primary physician for many years now and. She’s always been very thorough with me and I’m very comfortable with her and I will. I have highly recommended her to people. Thank you.

On May 6, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Cook always takes the time to listen to me and address my concerns. Trox, Janice, and the Lisa’s are the best!

On May 5, 2021 Anonymous said:
They were very helpful.

On Apr 29, 2021 Anonymous said:
I got into c the Dr before my appt time & the Dr came in very shortly after the nurse went over things with me

On Apr 29, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook and staff are the best in MMH.

On Apr 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
I absolutely love Dr.Teri Cook. I feel very comfortable with her and she is very caring. Any health concerns I let her know about it, she will take her time to figure out what it is and explains to me what it is etc. Very friendly and professional!! Love her!

On Apr 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
She listened to all my concerns and explained everything very thoroughly.

On Apr 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
Great experience. First time at Dr. Cook and was totally totally impressed.

On Apr 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Cook IS the best.

On Apr 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook has always been attentive, caring, and professional. I respect and appreciate her so much. Her staff was so kind and patient.

On Apr 20, 2021 Anonymous said:
I don’t remember their names but shout out to both nurses doing my assessment that morning. Dr. Cook is always pleasant and listens. Check-in and check-out receptionist was very polite.

On Apr 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes, I am very pleased with the service that I get with Terri Cook and my wife also is very pleased. She is, has a very good what you call a bed side manner, she listens, she gets to the problem, she’s highly intelligent and I feel very comfortable knowing that when I go there I am going to be treated correctly and my I get great results with a prop my medical problems.

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Not only is Dr Cook my dr.but several members of my family we all have convidence in her care & her staff is always easy to work with !

On Aug 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Lisa receptionist that called me back and put me on the cancellation list so she could try to work me in the day that I called in with my concerns. I received a call for an appointment the same day and got in to see Dr. Cook. Lisa has excellent phone skills. She is very polite and a pleasant person to speak with.

On Apr 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Cook is amazing!!

On Apr 15, 2021 Anonymous said:
A bit of difficulty with trying to make contact with the receptionist on the phone, but the nurse and provider are wonderful!

On Apr 12, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Apr 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
I would like to say that I am very happy to be a part of this provider I am always treated very well . Thank You

On Mar 31, 2021 Anonymous said:
I love Dr. Cook! She listens to me and is always helping me!

On Mar 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
I always have a great visit with Dr. Cook

On Mar 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is a great doctor. I look forward to seeing her. She explains everything and she cares herself. That’s why she’s so good at it. She cares about all of her patients and she’s concerned about everything and anything that’s bothering you. She’s just a very smart reliable doctor. I appreciate having a doctor like Dr. Cook. Thank you, Nancy Segman.

On Mar 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is always friendly, courteous, and interested in your health. She takes the time to listen to you and suggest anything new that would help me such as Nufola for diabetic neuropathy and what pharmacy can fill the Rx. She is the best doctor that I’ve EVER had.

On Mar 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Hello. Yeah, Teri Cook has, when I was a way that helped me. And I really appreciate and love her. Thank you.

On Mar 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Teri Cook is a good doctor. She always takes her time and you never feel like she is in a big hurry. Friendly and professional.

On Mar 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
The person who checked me in did not introduce herself and was not wearing a badge. She also did not wash her hands.

On Mar 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is actually the best doctor I think I’ve ever had and I’ve been around a long time. I’m 74 and she’s I think the most informative doctor I’ve ever had. She’s really good about telling me what I need to do as far as exercising and my eating habits and things like that just really helps me out and she’s I think like I said the best doctor I’ve ever had. Thank you.

On Feb 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook has definitely helped me improve my diabetes since I’ve been there it’s under control. And that has been a first since I started having diabetes. So I definitely appreciate everything she’s done.

On Feb 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
Received excellent attention and care. Everyone was interested in me and helpful.

On Feb 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
We switched doctors about two years ago and it has been the best decision. Every time we leave the office we talk about how amazing the experience was. I know this is about my experience, but most of our family switched and we gush about how happy we are. We feel heard, she’s given us solutions that we didn’t know existed, she’s helped get my husband’s diabetes actually under control, the entire staff is pleasant and helpful, and I recommend her to everyone I can. I hope they get to read this because from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

On Feb 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
A good experience as always

On Feb 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook never rushes and explained my concerns about covid vaccine in a manner I could understand

On Feb 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
Really think a lot of Dr. Cook Has always been their for me.

On Feb 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is exceptional in every way.

On Feb 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Cook not only a great Doctor but a caring person as well ??

On Feb 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Some people in waiting area had their masks lowered below their mouth and most had them below their nose

On Feb 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
You know you have a good Doctor when just visiting makes you feel good with out anything but talk asking how you feel any problems? I have faith that I’m in good hands and have the best care from my Doctor.

On Feb 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is a fantastic doctor. She is the best I have ever had. Her staff is always kind and respectful.

On Feb 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is the best love talking to her she makes you feel like you’re talking to your own family.

On Jan 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
Wonderful experience, very interested in your situation!! Class act!!!

On Jan 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everyone was kind and informative

On Dec 20, 2020 Anonymous said:
As far as medical part of visit that was fine. The sign in part though the receptionist Lisa charged my card full amount. So although she said it was voided I now am late for car payment and it’s Christmas time ??

On Dec 26, 2020 Anonymous said:
My appointment was for a 6-month check/up. I received 2 reminders. Both of them stated I was to be there @ 10:40. When I arrived @ 10:30/35, I was very rudely told I was late. I explained that I had been texted/emailed to be there @ 10:40. She went to check with the doctor, came back saying Her next appointment was already there, and as a result could not see me. I note, this person had the same problem, was rudely told he was late. His appointment was for the same time as mine, 10:40. He was rudely told the same thing that he was late for the same reason, but was going to be ok since he was the next appointment, which is understandable. This system needs to be improved. It’s obviously very confusing, especially given the 6-month time since I’d been there, and didn’t remember that I was “to ignore the reminders”. I’ve had prior problems with some of her staff. This was the last straw. I am currently looking for another doctor.

On Dec 18, 2020 Anonymous said:
Very pleased with the staff responsiveness and friendly service

On Dec 17, 2020 Anonymous said:
Really Respect Dr.COOK AS SHE IS Caring And Very Knowledgeable And A Joy To Be Around And Is A Real Asset To Your Marietta Health System

On Dec 15, 2020 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is wonderful. She’s very knowledgeable and attentive.

On Dec 15, 2020 Anonymous said:
We’ve seen Dr Cook for years. She’s always taken care of our needs and referred us when necessary. We do appreciate her alot.

On Dec 5, 2020 Anonymous said:
Dr. Cook is excellent. Very comfortable with her.

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