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Shelley N. Day, NP

Nurse Practitioner, Family

4.86 out of 5  /  268 ratings  /  53 Comments

Insurance Accepted

  • Anthem BCBS of Ohio
  • CareSource-OH Medicaid
  • Medicaid OH Traditional
  • Medicaid WV Traditional
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Medicare Ohio
  • MultiPlan/PHCS Networks
  • Unicare-WV Medicaid
  • United Healthcare Community Plan-OH Medicaid
  • United Healthcare of Ohio
  • VA/UHC-Optum
  • Molina
  • Aetna/First Health Network
  • Buckeye Health Plan-OH Medicaid
  • Health Plan
  • Anthem Medicaid
  • Provider Network of America
  • Aetna Better Health of WV -WV Medicaid
  • BWC Ohio
  • Cigna
  • Custom Design Benefits
  • HealthSmart
  • Humana
  • MedBen-MHS Tier 1
  • MediGold
  • Ohio Health Choice
  • Quality Care Partners
  • Tricare Humana Military
  • Valor Health Plan
  • WV Senior Advantage
  • Zelis
  • Medicare Railroad
  • AmeriHealth Caritas
  • Bob Evans

Provider Reviews

4.86 out of 5  /  268 ratings  /  53 Comments

On Feb 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
No one ever answers the phone. You can never talk to anyone. I’ve tried since November to get in and the doctors finally had to make an appointment for me. So receptionists or nurse or whoever supposed to answer the phone. It doesn’t get back. Someone called me this morning, and I tried to leave a message and no one’s ever called me back. So that’s my only issue, trying to call in and get response.

On Feb 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Shelly Day very prepared when she saw me! She had reviewed my history and went over everything with me. She is very knowledgeable and very nice. I will see her again in six months after further testing!

On Feb 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
The nurse who discharged me was super nice and went out of her way to be helpful. Very happy with everyone on the staff in Gastrointestinal!

On Feb 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
It was a great experience as it always is at marrietta.

On Feb 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
I think you’re a great provider and I’m very grateful for what they’ve done for me. And I do still feel like I have questions that, I maybe it’s not that they’re not answering Maybe I’m not asking correctly. But I do still have some concerns, but as a provider I think they’re great. They really helped me and Dr. Shelly Day was absolutely wonderful and have me admitted and and doing the procedure on me and I appreciate all of that. So yes, I would highly recommend them.

On Feb 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
This was my first visit… survey based on that!

On Jan 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
The only real I won’t say a complaint that is kind of a complaint was that after I was seen by the doctor I sat in there for probably 10 minutes waiting for the nurse and stuff to come back and release me. That’s it only negative thing I have to say about the the office staff is great. I love Shelly Day, you know and and I love the doctor’s office because I live in Parkersburg, but I just had to wait a good while and that was the only thing

On Jan 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
Shelly Day and the whole office staff is very and knowledgeable, courteous, caring, and gets things done reasonably fast pace and with the maximum amount of knowledge and expertise wouldn’t want to go anywhere else or see anybody else.

On Jan 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Was good

On Dec 31, 2020 Anonymous said:
The front desk, nurse, and nurse practitioner were all extremely friendly.

On Dec 24, 2020 Anonymous said:
Visit was relaxed and cordial.

On Dec 21, 2020 Anonymous said:
The office did well, but I haven’t heard from the scheduler yet that where my procedure is going to be, and it’s almost a week.

On Dec 19, 2020 Anonymous said:
Very impressed with all staff interactions. They truly cared about my reason for being there and took extra time to reassure me and answer my concerns.

On Dec 18, 2020 Anonymous said:
Very friendly and helpful staff

On Dec 18, 2020 Anonymous said:
It’s just taking forever because they bounced around and I go to a specialist that I’ve never got to see because he doesn’t live in the state and they don’t tell me that easily and one time a month. So that’s my problem with them, but just last nurse practitioner seeing and really listen. I don’t know in a week or so if she did. Thank you.

On Dec 5, 2020 Anonymous said:
Every one in or a part of the stagf went well above and beyond to make my visit very welcoming.

On Dec 5, 2020 Anonymous said:
Everything about this follow on Wednesday, Dec.2nd.,2020 was just great.Everybody went over different things with me. Shelly Day was great!! She explained things about my surgery that I didn’t take that serious. She said I was very lucky they found the cancer and someone was watching over me. Thank you Shelly and all the staff…

On Dec 4, 2020 Anonymous said:
The colonoscopy was scheduled easily but, they said I had to get a short term covid test 3 days prior to my procedure. However, your hospital does not offer the test and you expect the patient to try and run it down and bring the results in! If you are going to require a medical test for a procedure then OFFER IT!!!

On Mar 20, 2021 Anonymous said:
Was seen in a timely manner and everyone was very nice. PA was very knowledgable and not in a hurry like most MMH doctors.

On Mar 23, 2021 Anonymous said:
Shelly Day, NP was a pleasure to work with. I appreciated the fact that she allowed me to reduce the medication I was taking significantly.

On Mar 21, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Mar 4, 2021 Anonymous said:
Great COVID procedures in place.

On Nov 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
Shelly Day is most knowledgeable and is clearly concerned about her patients’ well-being.

On Nov 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
Shelly was very knowledgeable & very friendly. Everything I needed done was addressed & taken care of.

On Oct 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
My first appointment met my expectations fully, I was able to be seen sooner than expected due to a cancellation and the LPN I saw as well as the NP were both very kind and pleasant.

On Oct 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everyone was very nice. NP was very understanding, asked a lot of questions and let me explain everything in detail. I pray they can help me.

On Oct 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everything was fantastic. I think you got too many questions on this, though. Thanks.

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Pleased with the results and the care.

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Shelly Day is very patient oriented and very informative and very concerned about the patient care. I highly recommend her.

On Jul 29, 2021 Anonymous said:
Waiting room time was reasonable. All three staffers I spoke with were knowledgeable and courteous. Overall a good experience for an initial visit.

On Jul 21, 2021 Anonymous said:
You make my experience coming to your office pleasant. Everyone is polite and concerned. Thank you all.

On Jul 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
Staff was knowledgeable and very congenial.

On Jul 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everything was good.

On Jul 15, 2021 Anonymous said:
i tried to call several times a day for three days and got no response phone just kept on ringing i was told there was a problem with their phone sysem if so, it needs to be looked at and repaired

On Jul 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
I was unaware that my appointment was in Belpre, not Marietta. That was a bit of a hassle, but I was immediately able to just drive down, and be seen without too long of a wait.

On Jul 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
I like Shelly Day real, well. She did take time to answer my questions and I like her. She knew what she was talking about, I guess. And she took time with me and she talked to my daughter about it. So, She’s okay.

On Jul 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Friendly staff, very knowledgeable.

On Jun 26, 2021 Anonymous said:
Went to get blood drawn as a walk in and it took half hour to get in,I’d say they need more help.

On Jun 18, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Jun 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everyone was really great, nice, helpful and made everything understandable. I really appreciate the clinic and everyone there.

On Jun 6, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes, everybody who I was in contact with was very helpful. They were very courteous and nice. Thank you.

On Jun 3, 2021 Anonymous said:
Excellent, overall medical visit. The survey needs to provide N/A (not applicable) to more of the questions. I gave a “Yes, definitely” answer to some that were “Not applicable”. Thanks.

On May 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
The nurse was excellent – she verified my name, date of birth, went through each one of my medications. The doctor – the nurse practitioner – was amazing, she listened to everything I had to say and all of my concerns, I was very happy with the visit thank you.

On May 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everything in our visit was handled with professionalism and respect. The entire staff went above and beyond to help us feel relaxed and leave informed.

On Apr 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
Thank You!

On Apr 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Great experience all the way around. I know I’m in great hands.

On Apr 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes did very well except for the part of the blood test and search and still trying to work that out because they never got it and (INAUDABLE). I’ve got one back yet. And that was like the same day when I came visit. Can’t make sure you give people call backs. And leave a voice message to as well. That’s it.

On Apr 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
This office was fine. But the 1st floor place for blood work and etc needs help. The workers spend too much time setting around talking to each other instead of waiting on patients. Way too long of a wait.

On Apr 15, 2021 Anonymous said:
Thank you for taking the time to see me during my appointment time. Persistent medical issues have me really stressed out right now. I’m sorry I can’t register online for upcoming appointments because I don’t have a cell phone and a cell phone is required for verification purposes. My phone number is a land line not a cell phone number. Plus I found out today via email the time of an upcoming procedure was changed to a time I can’t be there and I’m very worried about it. I requested an afternoon time for a procedure and it was changed to mornings when I don’t have a ride over there. I’m disabled and don’t drive so I have to rely on someone to take me to doctor appointments, procedures, ect on a strict time window. I appreciate the care I get from Gastroenterology and I thank them for their time and treatment options. Take care.

On Apr 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
I was very happy with my visit. I saw a CNP (Shelly Day) rather than the doctor and she seemed to be more on top of things than he is.

On Apr 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
I would like to say that we’re very curious and very nice to talk to. Explained everything that I need you to know and I think it’s a great bunch of people. I’ve hurt my first visit to(INAUDIBLE) and I’m looking forward to taking care of my problem with them as soon as they can get to me. Thank you very much.

On Mar 30, 2021 Anonymous said:
Wait in lobby and room was approx 45 -50 min

On Mar 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
The nurse practitioner who worked with us gave us good knowledgeable answers and we were impressed with both her abilities and kindness.

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