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Michael C. Sweeney, MD


4.82 out of 5  /  495 ratings  /  84 Comments

About Michael C. Sweeney, MD

Dr. Sweeney completed his urology surgery residency at the Harvard Program of Urology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. He received his medical degree and PhD from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Areas of Expertise

  • Endoscopic/Percutaneous
  • Laparoscopic/open surgery
  • MRI directed prostate cancer ablation therapy

Insurance Accepted

  • Aetna Better Health of WV -WV Medicaid
  • Aetna/First Health Network
  • Anthem BCBS of Ohio
  • Buckeye Health Plan-OH Medicaid
  • CareSource-OH Medicaid
  • Cigna
  • Health Plan
  • Medicaid OH Traditional
  • Medicaid WV Traditional
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Medicare Ohio
  • Molina
  • MultiPlan/PHCS Networks
  • Anthem Medicaid
  • Unicare-WV Medicaid
  • United Healthcare Community Plan-OH Medicaid
  • United Healthcare of Ohio
  • VA/UHC-Optum
  • Provider Network of America
  • Medicare Railroad
  • BWC Ohio
  • Quality Care Partners
  • Custom Design Benefits
  • HealthSmart
  • Humana
  • MedBen-MHS Tier 1
  • MediGold
  • Ohio Health Choice
  • Tricare Humana Military
  • Valor Health Plan
  • WV Senior Advantage
  • Zelis
  • AmeriHealth Caritas
  • Bob Evans

Provider Reviews

4.82 out of 5  /  495 ratings  /  84 Comments

On Jan 4, 2021 Anonymous said:
I did not meet Dr. Sweeney. I met with a nurse who changed my catheter. So you’re not getting the message right when you just put his name down. So this this questionnaire is helpful, and I think it applies to the nurse. She did very good job, and I appreciated her very professional way, and I deal with her rather regularly because I have a catheter change every four to six weeks. So this questionnaire doesn’t really fit me directly because you’re treating me just like any other person, this is different, this is a different kind of a set up here. So thank you for your information, and I appreciate the work that the hospital is doing and the nurses and doctors very much. Thank you. Goodbye.

On Mar 5, 2021 Anonymous said:
had an hour and a half wait past my appointment time to see Dr.

On Mar 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
I had never met Dr. Sweeney and had no idea what to expect. Some doctors are not very personable. Dr. Sweeney was great! I feel I am in good hands and am relieved to know I have someone very competent.

On Feb 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Sweeney and his entire staff were very kind, friendly and respectful. Their sense of humor was also a plus. I felt very comfortable. God bless all of you !!

On Feb 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
N/A. All is good.

On Feb 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Sweeney and his staff were polite. And attentive. They explained everything in detail and were kind and polite

On Feb 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
After I talked to the doctor the scheduling or his secretary. His nurse came in and schedule me for my next appointment, but she didn’t check with me to see if it was okay. And would meet with in my schedule. She just was making it whatever schedule she had or she did that was a little annoying. Other than that everything was okay. Thank you.

On Feb 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
The entire staff was nice and attentive, Dr Sweeney was on top of my health conditions

On Feb 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
11:00 appointment, after 12 noon before I was taken to exam room. Then another 20 minutes before doctor came in. Surely this can be avoided!

On Jan 31, 2021 Anonymous said:
I truly like dr sweeney and his staff. Very friendly and professional

On Jan 31, 2021 Anonymous said:
All good except I had a 9:45 appointment and did not see the doctor until 10:45.

On Jan 31, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Jan 31, 2021 Anonymous said:
It was very pleasant and the providers there are wonderful. Made me feel like what I had to say or ask was important

On Jan 28, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Sweeney was great.

On Jan 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Sweeney and his staff were awesome! However my appointment was at 3 and I arrived about 20 minutes earlier, did not get back to a room for almost an hour after my schedule time, and it was all together about an hour and a half after my schedule time when I saw the provider. I believe the department over schedules for time slots. If it wasn’t for the staff being kind, I probably would of left.

On Jan 21, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Sweeney is very knowledgeable and has a great personality. I feel like I am in good hands.

On Jan 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yep. I was just calling to say that Dr. Sweeney’s a good doctor. Thank you.

On Jan 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
I would like to say that the calls of following the visit are unreasonable at a unreasonable time on Sunday evening. Thank you.

On Jan 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
Following my appointment on 1/15 at 8:15 AM, the provider was supposed to call me in a prescription and never did. Also, I called back just after 11:00 AM and received an answering machine in regards to something we discussed during my appointment and received no call back before they left for the day.

On Jan 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
I preregistered and still had to wait an hour to be put in a room and then waited another 30 minutes until the doctor came in.

On Jan 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
Great doctors

On Jan 7, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Nov 12, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Nov 10, 2021 Anonymous said:
One suggestion. You send an email days before as a reminder. If you are supposed to get things like bloodwork xrays etc that should also be reminded since appointments are often made months and even a year ahead of time.

On Nov 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
I an unable to read letters in my records that have been sent to me.

On Nov 2, 2021 Anonymous said:
I really like the doctor and, you know, the staff and the doctor was very thorough, he took time with me and was very polite and friendly.

On Nov 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes, I got there early. They got me in early, got me out before my even scheduled appointment. They’re very respectable. Very clear with what was going on and what his job was to do. I liked him very well.

On Oct 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
I pressed an error there. I did get the medications reviewed the nurse Dakota did it. Dr. Sweeney is exceptional. We’re very, very happy with his down-to-earthness and ability to handle the situation that we have with bladder tumor. Thank you.

On Oct 23, 2021 Anonymous said:
Glad your computer system is running again. My appointment got delayed a couple of months as a result of the hacking meltdown, but luckily my condition didn’t deteriorate in that time.

On Oct 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Thank you

On Oct 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Sweeney told me I was due for a PSA test so he couldn’t do the prostate exam because sometimes doing that alters the results of the PSA test. He wanted me to go to the lab department following my visit with him and get my PSA test done and he would see me back in 3 months. I would think that he could have seen that I was due for the PSA test before they made this appointment and had me get the test done beforehand and possibly wouldn’t have had to make another appointment. Doesn’t make sense to me. I also waited in the waiting room almost 40 minutes before I was called back to the exam room. After the visit, I went to the lab department and waited 45 minutes before they called me back to take my blood. My time is just as important as the medical personnel at both departments and it’s pretty aggravating to have to wait that long for maybe 15 minutes total of health care.

On Oct 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
During the whole ordeal, sometimes the receptionist was rude, kind of, made me nervous. But everything else was good. Thanks for being there. Bye.

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Sweeney if fantastic.

On Oct 7, 2021 Anonymous said:
Overall Marietta Memorial seems to understand that quality customer service is important.

On Aug 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
I’m tired of Marietta Memorial Health Systems asking me to do surveys every other day. When I’m not happy, I will let you know.

On Aug 12, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Aug 2, 2021 Anonymous said:
Waited in the waiting room 1 hour and 15 minutes….now come on people , you can do better than that

On Aug 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
The wait time past my scheduled appointment time was well over an hour since the doctor was running late but I felt this particular doctor spent plenty of time with me to answer my questions and discuss my health. Dr. Sweeney has excellent bedside manner with his patient and was very complete with my health care needs.

On Jul 21, 2021 Anonymous said:
The Belpre office was fantastic. The receptionist, the nurses, everyone was just great. Dr. Sweeney is wonderful. I feel very comfortable and safe with him. The Marietta office on the other hand, I have some problems getting there in traffic. I had called and left messages and they had never even check their phone. Therefore, I couldn’t see him that day because I was more than 15 minutes late. When you call and you leave and you can’t talk to them and you are asked to leave a message. You would think at least the receptionist would get the message, but just didn’t happen. And I was very upset because I had to turn around, go back home, and I had left in plenty of time to get there but I was stopped in traffic three times on the interstate for construction. And I knew I was going to be a little late and I

On Jul 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Sweeney spend a good deal of time with me. And he was able to answer our questions fully, thoroughly, and everything worked out good. I was greatly satisfied.

On Jul 11, 2021 Anonymous said:
Plesant and friendly

On Jul 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Sweeney is great. I am glad to have Dr Sweeney on my healthcare team.

On Jun 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
I really like Doc Sweeney, he went into detail what he would like for me to do about my PSA levels..I go at a later date for MRI & lab work..

On Jun 18, 2021 Anonymous said:
The doctor was very nice and very helpful for everything I ask he made me calm and provide all her answers I needed everybody in the office was very nice

On Jun 15, 2021 Anonymous said:
For my first visit I was very impressed with the Doctor and the Nurses. I hate the fact that I am in need of medical care but it is reassuring to know how they addressed my issues with professionalism and care. Thank you.

On Jun 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
Everybody was friendly and very courteous. Thank you.

On Jun 9, 2021 Anonymous said:
my visit was good all around

On Jun 3, 2021 Anonymous said:
After an attempt to have a cystoscopy I was instructed by the physician to go into the bathroom and urinate. While I was in there, I apparently passed out as I woke up on the bathroom floor in pain. After I left walked out of the bathroom back into the exam room, I told the nurse that I was on the floor and had apparently passed out. The nurse just kept repeating that she didn’t hear me fall. Dr. Sweeney said it sometimes happens but nobody seemed particularly concerned about me. I had a bad headache the entire rest of the day. And today(the next day) my left foot is hurting. Nobody explained why it happened. Nobody explained why they had trouble getting passed my prostate during the cystoscopy. I had questions about why the procedure failed and why I passed out. But they seemed more concerned about giving me a water and a snack and clearing me out of the room. Nobody offered to walk me to my car. The entire experience was bizarre. And perhaps with some sort of explanation it wouldn’t have been. I had questions but I was so woozy that I didn’t ask, I was just trying to get my bearing and figure out what had happened.

On May 30, 2021 Anonymous said:
My appointment was for 11:45 a.m. and I had to wait to see the Doctor for 0ne hour. Too Long to wait. In his waiting room if says if you are 15 minutes you may be rescheduled, however if the Doctor is one hour late you just sit and wait. It should cut both ways.

On May 30, 2021 Anonymous said:
The physician was 45 minutes late for our scheduled appointment (it was scheduled for 10:30; I saw him at 11:15). The nurse who took my vitals explained the doctor’s lateness, but the doctor did not apologize. The nurse who took my vitals ask me to ID myself, but did not ID himself until I asked. In previous visits I have received information on the result of the test of my urine sample; I did not this time.

On May 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
Great hospital and staff

On May 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
Was a very good visit, explained well & friendly.

On May 24, 2021 Anonymous said:
Yes. I’d like to say that the nursing staff, and even Dr. Sweeney was very understanding of my post traumatic stress disorder due to being a prior victim of rape, and having Dr. Sweeney in that area … just … it was very relaxing that he was able to calm me, and with all the staff, I absolutely.will recommend Dr. Sweeney to any other female in my position. That’s it.

On May 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
The wait time too see the Dr.was somewhat long.

On May 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
He was very knowledgeable and he answered all my questions and I really like him.

On May 17, 2021 Anonymous said:
Was a very informative and pleasant experience.

On May 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Sweeney explained the test results in plain words so that we as over 70 yrs old was able to follow easily and know what to expect going forward with our treatment

On May 9, 2021 Anonymous said:
Pleasant experience

On May 5, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr. Sweeney is a great doctor. He listens and is professional! His staff is courteous

On May 2, 2021 Anonymous said:
Excellent Doctor and everyone working there is the same.

On May 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
Super people, very professional !

On Apr 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
I felt like my medical concerns were answered and believe I am on my way to making sure I am healthy.

On Apr 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
You need to find a way to get in the building and where you have to fill out the information. They have that information. I see the doctors all the time and there’s constantly an issue about trying to make you do everything on her cellphone or you can’t get in the building. That needs to be addressed.

On Apr 22, 2021 Anonymous said:
Good people

On Apr 17, 2021 Anonymous said:

On Apr 12, 2021 Anonymous said:
Appointment at 9:45 set in waiting room till 10:47 I finally seen doctor at 11:08 should not have to wait that long

On Apr 8, 2021 Anonymous said:
Excellent service from Dr. Sweeney and his staff in Belpre.

On Apr 4, 2021 Anonymous said:
Had to wait an hour to be seen for a scheduled early morning appt. dont schedule more people than you can see. Dr was clearly rushed thru my appt because he was behind

On Apr 3, 2021 Anonymous said:
On the 16th after I had my stent put in after a lithotripsy, I made mention that I was incontinent and it felt as if something was coming out of the bladder. On the next day when I was released, the nurse practitioner Casey observed the fact that, yes, the stent was coming out, and she told me it would probably come out on the way home, so when I got home I had a lot of difficulty sitting. I called the office and they told me to pull my stent. After I did that, two days later, I ended up having an obstruction due to my ureter being swollen. So I had to come back to the hospital through the ER, pay an ER charge, pay a CAT scan charge, and then have the stent put back in place. I felt that I probably should not have left the hospital after she observed the fact that the stent was

On Dec 30, 2020 Anonymous said:
Very good

On Dec 20, 2020 Anonymous said:
Dr. Sweeney did a good job explaining my problems, and he carried out the endoscopy very quickly and well and came up with a game plan to fix my problems. Was very impressed with him. Thank you.

On Dec 20, 2020 Anonymous said:
very very good doctor

On Dec 18, 2020 Anonymous said:
Excellent knowledgeable Dr. !!!!

On Dec 17, 2020 Anonymous said:
I waited approximately 30 minutes. Once I was taking back and the my vitals were checked I waited about 30 minutes there. So I just thought that was a long waiting period

On Dec 17, 2020 Anonymous said:
Great doctor, easy to talk with, he listens great guy

On Dec 5, 2020 Anonymous said:
Well my txt that I got from who ever said that I could bring one support person well when it came time to go in was told no one could go in an that the policy had changed few days ago but I wasn’t notified of that….

On Apr 1, 2021 Anonymous said:
The time that we had to wait in the exam room was ridiculos … We had to wait at least 1 hour!!!

On Mar 30, 2021 Anonymous said:
I felt comfortable this was my first visit. Staff was friendly and informative.

On Mar 27, 2021 Anonymous said:
I answered yes somewhat to a couple of questions because they didn’t pertain to me or hadn’t come up yet, and there was no way to skip them. I only met Dr. Sweeney one time and he seemed nice and very informative. We will see how it goes as time progresses.

On Mar 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
Dr Sweeney is definitely a keeper.

On Mar 25, 2021 Anonymous said:
Justin was extremely courteous and helpful concerning my disability. He helped when I needed it and made sure I didn’t need anymore help before he left the room.

On Mar 16, 2021 Anonymous said:
I had to climb four flight of stairs to get there, and I have had part off my lung removed. Be cause the elavator was not working. So I was short off breath when I got there.

On Mar 14, 2021 Anonymous said:
If all your departments were as well run, well organized, is intelligent and as courteous, as your urology department, the hospital will be a wonderful place. Other doctors in Department should take note.

On Mar 13, 2021 Anonymous said:
They did a great job. Thank everyone.

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