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On Feb 19, 2018 Anonymous said:

I always tell anyone looking for primary care how great Alisha and the staff are.

On Feb 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

It was a great checkup experience....very friendly and professional staff.

On Feb 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

I have received the best care from Dr. Maijub and staff. They really care about their patients, and take the time to talk to you. I recommend his office to everybody I know.

On Jan 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

Definitely takes care of patient.

On Jan 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

My experience for my annual exam at MMHS was like visiting old friends. Lots of laughs while still getting personal attention. Unique experience for me.

On Jan 13, 2018 Anonymous said:

Would and have told friends and family how much I appreciate their care and efficiency. They never fail

On Nov 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

Alisha Mills is an excellent Nurse Practitioner, and is a credit to her profession. She was a kind, caring professional, who took the time to identify my concerns and to address them fully. I highly recommend her because of her excellent service and attention to detail.

On Dec 18, 2017 Anonymous said:

Miss Mills is a very good PA and listens to what I had to say and did what she thought was the correct way to go with the pain in my leg and also my sinus problem. She always takes care of my problems if she can. She is very confident and I trust in what she says.

On Nov 4, 2017 Anonymous said:

Definitely recommend this office!

On Oct 8, 2017 Anonymous said:


On Sep 23, 2017 Anonymous said:

Thankful to have Dr MAIJUB and Alisha Mills as part of my wellness team!

On Sep 23, 2017 Anonymous said:

I would highly recommend these folks to anyone.

On Sep 22, 2017 Anonymous said:

Friendly staff, reasonable wait time, staff was compassionate and caring!Overall a pleasant visit to the dr.

On Sep 21, 2017 Anonymous said:

I had a great appointment with the nurse practitioner, Alisha Mills. She is great.

On Sep 16, 2017 Anonymous said:

She was very attentive and paid attention to me and what I had to say.

On Jan 12, 2018 Anonymous said:

Alisha and Dr Maijub are both excellent professionals who make you feel like they care. Entire office staff wonderful

On Oct 30, 2017 Anonymous said:

We always recommend you and I really appreciate all you do!

On Sep 15, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very timely and professional service

On Jun 27, 2018 Anonymous said:

We feel we have the best of the best!

On Jun 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

She was very thorough and made my daughter very at ease !! We loved her and the office

On Jun 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

Made me feel comfortable, I would highly recommend going there

On Jun 16, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very caring and understanding.

On Jun 13, 2018 Anonymous said:

This provider is very kind, professional and intelligent! I have extreme confidence in any/all advice she offers reference my health.

On May 18, 2018 Anonymous said:

On time appointments, relaxed atmosphere so that it was easy to communicate, and my questions were answered - I did not feel rushed.

On May 17, 2018 Anonymous said:


On May 14, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very friendly and caring. Have been with Dr. Maijub for around 26 years. Would recommend him and Alisha to family and friends.

On May 3, 2018 Anonymous said:

Doctor Maijub and Alisha are wonderful.. they understand and are very comforting!

On May 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

Love Alisha and Dr. majub, great office, caring staff

On Apr 26, 2018 Anonymous said:

Was very personal, great listener, asked me questions and made me feel important. Great Doctor ...

On Apr 22, 2018 Anonymous said:

Any prescriptions need to be taken to your pharmacy and not wait for them to send

On Apr 14, 2018 Anonymous said:

Alisha takes the time and listens to you.

On Mar 30, 2018 Anonymous said:

They are the best PCP providers I have ever dealt with. They genuinely care about the patient and their comfort.

On Mar 30, 2018 Anonymous said:

I personally would not say anything to anyone about the way I was treated at the desk in the ER. But the two girls there really didn't seem to care that I was so sick and just wanted to get somewhere away from the people sitting there, because I knew I was going to throw up again. One of my daughter's was told by another person sitting in the Lobby, that they should at least get me in the back. However, its over now and I was given excellent care by all the Nurses, one could not expect more. I'm still so very grateful, thank you for caring!

On Mar 17, 2018 Anonymous said:

Alisha Mills is great. It’s great to have an opportunity to watch her advance in her career and stay with MMH.

On Mar 9, 2018 Anonymous said:

veery good Doctor's office. have been a patient of Dr. Maijub for 18 years

On Mar 4, 2018 Anonymous said:

I always recommend this provider to my family and friends They always make you feel that your concerns are important

On Mar 2, 2018 Anonymous said:

Alisha is very good at her job and Is very compassionate and understanding.

On Mar 1, 2018 Anonymous said:

She was very competent, caring and professional. I appreciated her concern for my well-being.

On Feb 27, 2018 Anonymous said:

Had personal, caring and professional care.

On Feb 19, 2018 Anonymous said:

My first time to see Alisha Mills was exceptional! She was attentive, knowledgeable, and responsive to my care.

On Aug 26, 2017 Anonymous said:

This provider was very knowledgeable and gave you her undivided attention!!

On Jan 12, 2018 Anonymous said:

There is no better doctor, PA or staff in all of MM. However since all of them are excellent it would be hard to choose the best. I see many of them and have yet to find fault with any of them. MM is the best in all ways. Well, except perhaps in room decorating and uniforms. Get rid of the black since it looks ugly and depressing. The walls and pictures are drab and ugly. Find another color that is uplifting and happy for we patients. I understand your reasoning but black just doesn't work except at funerals. The ugly colors in your beautiful new building make it look like a low budget government building. The new restaurant has excellent food and people but again, stop with the black. I am serious about this as I have talked to several other people who feel as I do. Please listen to a frequent patient and bring some change. You can do it.

On Jul 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

M's Mills was an Excellent provider. She was knowledgeable about my condition(s) & helpful in telling me what I should be doing for said conditions & the follow up tests I should have. Great manner.

On Jul 17, 2017 Anonymous said:

Prompt professional service with a smile

On Jul 14, 2017 Anonymous said:

Don't go there. and yes you can share online, we both know you wont but sure.

On Aug 11, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr. Maijub and his staff have always been kind and compassionate

On Aug 5, 2017 Anonymous said:

talking with alisha is like talking to a very knowledgeable friend.going to the doctor is a joy and in no way stressful.picking alisha was a great decision by dr maijub, but from him I would expect no less

On Jul 22, 2017 Anonymous said:

Best place to go. Period.

On Jul 20, 2017 Anonymous said:

I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Maijub and Alisha Mills. I have been their patient for several years off and on always with good treatment. I guess one testimony I can give would be, I moved an hour and a half away and still choose to remain with these fine people!

On Aug 31, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very kind and caring

On Aug 26, 2017 Anonymous said:

She is really good. Knowledgeable,efficient,capable.

On Aug 26, 2017 Anonymous said:

Polite, caring, willing to listen.

On Sep 5, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very professional, very courteous, took time to listen and answer any questions we had. She made you feel at ease.

On Aug 28, 2017 Anonymous said:

Both ladies wereVery helpful with my situation. I was appreciative for the help I got.

On Aug 20, 2017 Anonymous said:

ALL my questions or concerns were answered and taken care of. Would recommend being see by Alisha.

On Aug 18, 2017 Anonymous said:

Keep up the good work!!

On Aug 20, 2017 Anonymous said:

This woman and her mentor are aces! God's gift to the medical profession.

On Oct 22, 2017 Anonymous said:

I highly recommend this provider! They got me in on time and were extremely courteous and kept me well informed during my visit! I felt the care I received was excellent! ??

On Oct 15, 2017 Anonymous said:

She was great

On Oct 14, 2017 Anonymous said:

Alisha Mills is very thorough in her examination and explanation of her diagnosis.

On Oct 12, 2017 Anonymous said:

She was very concerned about my current issue and is scheduling testing to determine what the problems may be.

On Oct 8, 2017 Anonymous said:

Dr Maijub and his staff are a great asset to MM Hospital, The Belpre Campus is just a God send. Thanks for being there when we need you!

On Oct 8, 2017 Anonymous said:

I would say that they would not be sorry to have Dr. Maijub,Alisha and all to take care of them.

On Jan 8, 2018 Anonymous said:


On Jan 8, 2018 Anonymous said:

I think MMH has the best care around and when you meet DR Maijub and his staff you will agree. You will receive the best care possible.

On Jan 5, 2018 Anonymous said:

I would recommend them to anyone who needs a doctor

On Jan 5, 2018 Anonymous said:

Very courteous, listened well, & got the job done.

On Dec 7, 2017 Anonymous said:

That these 2 medical providers are very personable and really take the time to know your history and if you have any concerns. Then each of them take the time to address them. It’s really a piece of mind.

On Sep 15, 2017 Anonymous said:


On Sep 15, 2017 Anonymous said:

Excellent service

On Sep 9, 2017 Anonymous said:

I think Dr. Maijub & Alisha are the very best.

On Sep 11, 2017 Anonymous said:

Alisha did a fantastic job listening to my health concerns and assessing my situation. I could tell she really cared about my well being and getting to the bottom of my issues.

On Sep 3, 2017 Anonymous said:

Very professional and knowledgeable about all my questions.

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