Patient Identity and Security

Memorial Health System uses a fingerprint technology system to further enhance our patient experience. The technology will scan your fingerprint, making a biometric map that is added to your medical record. It simplifies patient registration and provides accurate patient identification.

How it Works

Our new technology uses biometric identification to verify your identity through your fingerprint. It’s harmless and stores the data pattern, not the actual fingerprint; connecting it to your medical record. It will be used at future visits to speed up your check-in process and protect your identity. It can be used on any patient five years or older.

Patient Benefits

  • Once you’re enrolled, registration will be much quicker at your next visit
  • Increasing your patient safety, allowing secure access to your unique medical record and medical history
  • Helping ensure your privacy at time of registration
  • Helping protect you from identity and medical theft

Safeguarding Your Information

Memorial Health System is a leader in health information technology. We are an early adopter of fingerprint authentication, joining several health systems across the country dedicated to protecting your identity. We are proud to partner with CrossChx to offer this innovative technology that protects our patients’ identities and keeps them safe.