Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery

A little adjustment can make a big difference in your life. Contact our Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery to discover what we can do for you.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Breast augmentation and lift
    • silicon and saline implants
    • breast reduction
  • Breast reconstruction after cancer surgery:
    • autologous tissue
    • implant based reconstruction
    • fat grafting
  • Body contouring after weight loss surgery
    • arm lift/brachioplasty
    • thigh lift/thighplasty
    • circumferential body lift
    • excessive skin excision
  • Excision and reconstruction after diagnosis of skin cancer
  • Hand surgery
    • carpal tunnel release
    • ulnar nerve decompression
    • trigger finger
    • dupuytren contracture of hand
    • injection with collagenase
    • surgical excision
    • congenital hand abnormalities (polydactyly, syndactyly, etc.)
  • Treatment of Aging Face
    • non-surgical Botox
    • fillers
    • facelift
    • eyelid and brow surgeries
    • neck lift
  • Tummy Tuck
    • Abdominoplasty, liposuction

Hydra Facial

Hydra Facial Before and After

Before and After: Oily Congested

Before and After: Nasolabial Folds

Before and After: Hydration

Before and After: Fine Lines

Before and After: Brown Spots

Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic

One of the benefits of the services offered within the walls of our cancer center is the team on our Multidisciplinary Breast Tumor Board. This board meets on a regular basis and discusses current patient cases and treatment plans. It brings staff together from many different areas to give you the best possible care.

Staff that take part in these meetings include:

  • Ancillary Health Personnel
  • Navigators
  • Pathologists
  • Medical & Radiation Oncologists
  • Plastics
  • Radiologists
  • Surgical Oncologists

The cancer center’s Breast Clinic reduces the time between our patients’ diagnosis and their treatment, by providing a collaborative, multidisciplinary care plan for each patient all in one day.

Every Wednesday, our newly diagnosed breast cancer patients will meet individually with our physicians, who will then collaborate to develop their care plan. Our specialists will then meet again with the patient later that day to share with them their unique treatment plan and to answer any questions that they may have.

As surgical oncologist, Dr. Bhati, says to every one of his patients, “The Breast Clinic was designed to bring the doctors to the patient, instead of the patient to the doctors.”

Patient Breast Navigators

Meet the Team