Women and Newborn

When it comes to you and your baby, we are here to offer the highest standard of personal care. No matter what birth plan you decide is best for you and your baby, we have the services and experience to make your experience a unique and happy one. From prenatal education to when your new family member goes home with you, we’re here for you every step of the way.


  • High-tech alarm system. At the time of birth, an electronic identification band will be placed on your child’s umbilical cord clamp. The band will automatically lock any door, elevator, or exit when the baby is carried within 10 feet of it and sound an alarm. The bands are also monitored, pinpointing the baby’s location at any time.
  • Labor and delivery services
  • Lactation consultation
  • One-to-one nursing care during active labor
  • Personalized anesthesia services
  • Pregnancy education
  • Pre-pregnancy planning
  • Specialized newborn hearing tests

  • Jill Shutts
    Lactation Coordinator

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Finding the Women & Newborn Unit at Marietta Hospital

What to know before having your baby at Marietta Memorial Hospital


Visiting Hours

  • When mom is in labor and delivery, she can have visitors if she wants ten years and older and haven’t been recently ill. When she enters the second stage of labor (when mom has to push) visitors are limited to three at the most who will be present during the birth. For the safety of our patients, guests are no longer permitted to take turns visiting.
  • Once the patient is moved to their room, one visitor can stay 24/7.
  • Siblings of the newborn may visit from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., as long as they are accompanied by an adult other than their mother and do not have a fever, cough, or drainage from their nose.
  • Friends and family who are at least 10 years of age or older and do not have a fever, cough, or drainage from their nose may visit from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Visitors who are not in the room are required to wait in the third floor lobby for the safety and confidentiality of all our patients and guests

Patient Resources

Diabetes Exercise Program

In this free 6-week exercise program, attendees with Type I or II diabetes will gradually progress through an exercise program, learning how exercise can affect blood sugar levels. Attendees will also learn the basics of an at-home exercise program to bolster lifestyle changes and will receive help monitoring blood sugar before and after each class.

This program is offered on the Belpre Medical Campus at 803 Farson Street, and only requires medical clearance from your provider.

For information, contact Stephanie Bauman at (740) 423-3636 or sbauman@mhsystem.org.

Getting a Breast Pump

We can help you get a breast pump when you come to the hospital to have your baby. We do all the work, so you don’t have to lift a finger! We have two pump companies that we work with, which provide pumps through most insurance providers. No need to order a breast pump online before you deliver; we are able to give most patients their pump directly!

If you have any questions or concerns about breast pumps, please contact our lactation coordinator, Jill Shutts, RN, at (740) 374-1627 or jshutts@mhsystem.org.

Memorial Health System’s Breastfeeding Support Group Facebook Page

Bond and find support from mothers just like you! Join our Breastfeeding Support Group for a safe space to ask about what you are going through in a judgment-free zone.

  • Bonding and support between mothers
  • Chance to share your own stories and experiences to help others
  • Input from other moms who have been through similar experiences
  • Safe space to ask about what you are going through in a judgment-free zone
  • 24/7 support at your fingertips

Note: This group does not provide advice from a medical professional and exists only for peer recommendations.

OhioHealth Mother’s Milk Bank

The OhioHealth Mothers’ Milk Bank relies on donations from healthy, lactating women who generously provide milk to help other babies. The donated milk is pasteurized, frozen, and distributed by provider prescription.

To become a volunteer donor, mothers must take part in the following screening process:

  • Phone interview
  • Written medical and lifestyle history
  • Medical release form signed by the donor and healthcare provider(s) for both the donor and baby
  • Blood test to screen for HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis (cost covered by the Milk Bank.)

If you have any questions or would like to donate, call (614) 566-0630 or email MilkBank@OhioHealth.com. For more information on OhioHealth’s program, visit the OhioHealth Mother’s Milk Bank page on OhioHealth’s website.

Placenta Donation Program

All mothers who have a scheduled C-section can volunteer to donate their placenta. Such a donation provides life-changing treatments to patients who need grafts for wound care. Grafts made from placenta tissue promote natural healing, reduce pain and minimize scarring. One placenta can heal an average of 25 people.

When scheduling your C-section, someone from our practice may ask if you’re interested in learning more about placenta donation OR you can let a staff member know you’re interested in placenta donation.

Once we’re aware of your interest, we will contact Lifeline of Ohio. A program coordinator will contact you within 14 days of your scheduled C-section to review the donation process, answer any questions, obtain consent, and review your medical and social history to ensure safety of the donation.

To learn more, you can contact Lifeline of Ohio directly at 877-B-A-DONOR or email placentadonation@lifelineofohio.org.

Postpartum Training Program

This free 6-week program guides postpartum patients through three phases of their journey:

  1. Rehab and recovery
  2. Return to exercise
  3. Bulletproof your body

This program is offered on the Belpre Medical Campus at 803 Farson Street, and only requires medical clearance from your provider.

For information, contact Stephanie Bauman at (740) 423-3636 or sbauman@mhsystem.org.

Washington County Virtual Car Seat Class

This virtual class teaches proper seat belt technique with children and car seats and participants can receive a free car seat from the Marietta/Belpre Health Department. Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of Washington County
  • Custody of a child 8 years old or younger or be in the 8th month of pregnancy.
  • Eligible for WIC or Medicaid (provide proof)
  • Access to laptop, tablet, or smart phone with internet connection
  • Ability to pick up car seat at Marietta/Belpre Health Department, 304 Putnam St, Marietta, OH 45750

To register, call (740) 373-0611 ext. 2301 and leave your name, phone number, and child’s age/height/weight.

OB Hospitalist Group

Our partnership with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), the largest dedicated OBGYN hospitalist provider further allows our team to bring the absolute highest standard of care to our patients. This program provides hospital based, OBGYN physicians (hospitalists) on-site at Marietta Memorial Hospital all day, every day.

These highly skilled, board-certified OBGYNs will provide consistent care to patients in the hospital, as well as emergent care to those arriving in our labor and delivery unit. The first of its kind program in our region, our obstetricians and patients love the idea that somebody in-house is here when they are needed.

Program Advantages

OBGYN Physician Availability
  • An OB Emergency Department (OB-ED) is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and continuously staffed by board certified OBGYN physicians (hospitalists).
  • In the event your physician is not available, they can examine, evaluate the progress of your labor, review test results and fetal heart rate tracings. They will address any evolving or high-risk concerns.
  • Due to their primary focus of hospital-based treatment, hospitalists are experts at providing emergent care, on-site if an emergency occurs.
Highly Skilled Providers
  • If your physician is unavailable or delayed in reaching the hospital, you can rest assured that our experienced hospitalists can provide medical expertise and optimal patient care.
  • Our OB hospitalists are highly skilled in a variety of different delivery techniques.
  • In addition to being board certified, the OB hospitalists are required to maintain high levels of clinical performance and professional standards.
Communication Across Providers
  • Our OB hospitalists place a high value on maintaining communication with other professionals within the hospital. Communication on patient status and a plan of care are developed with the OB hospitalist and the primary provider anytime a patient presents to our OBED or labor and delivery unit.
  • Our OB hospitalists can expedite care for you and can easily facilitate connections with providers.
  • Being hospital-based, the OB hospitalists will always be on-site to visit you, to monitor progress, or to discuss your questions/concerns or those of your family members.

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