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Cancer Information

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What is Cancer?
Cancer is a classification of many different malignancies that affect tissues and organs throughout the body. More than 100 different types of cancer have been recognized, all of which are characterized by abnormal cells that grow uncontrollably.

Normal cells—trillions of which are in the body—will grow and die over time. This is a normal cycle that repeats itself over and over again as we age. Cancer cells are different in that instead of dying, they continue to grow, form new abnormal cells and unlike normal cells can actually invade surrounding tissues.

Certain cancers grow more quickly than others and will have a greater tendency to metastasize (spread to other parts of the body) as they develop. Left untreated, cancer can cause serious illnesses and death.

What is cancer treatment?
Cancer treatments have a single goal, though they accomplish it differently. The goal is to destroy, modify, control or remove cancerous cells. By eradicating tumors entirely, the hope is that the cancer can no longer spread or reoccur, allowing the patient to live a full life. The best chance for success is through early detection, but in many cases even advanced stages can be fought aggressively and successfully.

There's more reason than ever to anticipate a positive outcome. Major advances have improved screening, diagnostic and treatment techniques for many types of cancer – and will ultimately help lead us to finding a cure. At Memorial Health System, we continue to push the boundaries to improve those odds.

Navigating Your Journey Toward Wellness
At the heart of our cancer program is our sincere commitment to making a difference in the life of each patient we serve. We guide patients through every step of their treatment plan with comprehensive educational, emotional and spiritual support. We believe this is so important to the healing process that we offer a dedicated team of care navigators to help guide you on your journey toward wellness. These compassionate health care providers deliver care in a logical, connected and timely manner, so that both your medical and personal needs are met.

Fighting Cancer with the Latest Medical Breakthroughs
Memorial Health System is one of the most active clinical trial sites in the state. Through ongoing nationally recognized cancer research and trials, we are able to offer treatments that won’t be available to the general public for months or even years from now. These clinical trials are conducted by our expert team of surgeons, physicians, specialists and nurses who are dedicated to improving the detection, treatment and outcome of cancer-related diseases. We are proud of our role in finding new ways to treat and beat cancer on all fronts.

Memorial Health System’s Strecker Cancer Center in Marietta provides our community access to cancer clinical trials to our community through an affiliation with Columbus Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP). Columbus CCOP is a consortium of central Ohio hospitals that is funded by the National Cancer Institute to bring benefits of clinical research to cancer patients in their own communities.

Over 100 clinical trials are presently available through Strecker Cancer Center. Included in these are cancer treatment as well as cancer prevention studies.

For more information about cancer clinical trials at Strecker Cancer Center please contact Joanna Lupardus, RN, BSN, OCN, clinical research coordinator, at (740) 568-5386.

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