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Student Nursing Investment Grant

At the beginning of any career, three factors typically guide someone into pursuing an education: a dream, the drive, and determination. As a leading health system in the region, we understand that most of our team members need to obtain specific knowledge and skills to reach the career they dream of having.

Memorial Health System is proud to invest in our future Registered Nurses (RN) in order to get them where they need to be in their careers. Times have changed, and the demand for amazing RNs is high. That is why we have enhanced and sought after new programs that are the most competitive and helpful for our future team members.

Whether you are already enrolled in an RN program, looking to go back to school and finish your nursing degree, or maybe you are at the very start of your education and seeking support – we got your back.

Who Is Eligible? 

The Student Nursing Investment Grant is for West Virginia University at Parkersburg and Washington State College of Ohio students enrolled in a registered nursing program. Selected students will receive a $6,000 stipend, per semester, to support themselves while obtaining their degree. Checks are written directly to the student.

Advantages of the Student Nursing Investment Grant

  • Gain experience with our Nursing Career Pathway and earn more income opportunity
  • Post-graduate job guaranteed
  • Potentially graduate debt free
  • Stipends can be used for things such as cost of tuition, books, fees, rent, groceries, and more
  • Students will receive an $18,000 sign-on bonus after obtaining their RN licensure

Hear from previous students

“This program gives me a really good head start on life because I do not have to worry about paying back student loans. My main goal is to give back to the community and give my patients the best possible care.”

Savannah Jarvis
West Virginia University at Parkersburg

“This program means a lot to me. I won’t have to worry about looking for a job after I get my degree and being debt-free means I can focus on my life and career after I graduate.”

Emma Szymanski
Washington State College of Ohio

Nursing Career Pathway

Memorial Health System’s Nursing Career Pathway is a unique program that streamlines your career and gives you on-the-job training! The best part? You receive additional income for every position within the career pathway and shifts are scheduled around YOUR schedule!

  1. Begin as a Patient Care Technician
  2. Advance as a Nurse Technician
  3. Continue as a Clinical Graduate
  4. Graduate to Nurse Resident

What To Expect Once You Apply

  • Depending on the day you submit an application, someone from our Human Resources team will reach out to you within 24/48 hours
  • Our Nurse Recruiter will contact you after the initial call to conduct an interview
  • If you have no previous experience working in healthcare, you will be scheduled to shadow a nursing unit(s) within our health system
  • If accepted, you enter into the contractual agreement phase
    From here, you will be offered the option to enroll in our Nursing Career Pathway

Apply Now

Apply now by submitting a Student Nurse – Student Nurse Investment Grant application on our external hiring website. 

Memorial Health System is a nationally recognized, community driven healthcare system delivering world-class patient care right here at home. We are a place for learning, growing, and building the career and life you want.

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